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  Video Arcade Game Description

Adrenaline Amusements

Fruit Ninja


Video Game

Optional Ticket Redemption !

Fruit Ninja FX2 Arcade LogoFruit Ninja FX2 Arcade Touchscreen Video Game From Adrenaline Amusements

Fruit Ninja FX2 Sensei, Katsuro and Truffle Figurines Characters

Flight Control FX Touchscreen Arcade Game Video Clip

$ 8475 !
(1 Player)

$ 16575 !
(2 Player)

$ 22475 !
(3 Player)

Fruit Ninja FX2 Arcade Touchscreen Video Game
With Ticket Redemption Feature - Newly updated version of the original Fruit Ninja FX Arcade, the FX2
adds new blades, fruits, visuals and the Pomegranate bonus ! Players can add (optional) characters to the
game using small figurines purchased at your redemption counter, which are placed on the "watermelon" stand on the front of the cabinet to select the character to play with

Players quickly swipe fingers across the touchscreen to slash and splatter fruit like a true ninja warrior ! But they need to be careful of bombs - they are very explosive
to touch and will put a swift end to their juicy adventure! 

TouchFX offers players the opportunity to experience popular and future iPhone games on its "super-sized" multi-touch monitor, with (6) simultaneous touch points
that are instantly recognized on screen, allowing a unique and "super-fun" two-handed video game play experience!

Fruit Ninja FX2 Video Arcade Game Features:

▪ Fast, Fun, Intuitive and Quick Touchscreen Game Play !
▪ New Optional Figurines For Special Character Play !
▪ Stunning Cabinet Design Draws Attention !
▪ Supersized Multi-Touch Screen Experience !
▪ Ticket Redemption Option Can Be Turned On or Off
▪ Customizable Ticket Redemption Reward Structure

BONUS ! All 2 and 3 Player Models come standard with
all screens playing Fruit Ninja FX
, but you can have any combination of TouchFX Games installed by request !

  Fruit Ninja FX2 Game Brochure

  TouchFX Series Service Manual

  Fruit Ninja FX2 Factory Video

Optional Sensei/Katsuro/Truffle Figurines - Add $125

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220 V
Monitor : 46" HD LCD Color Touchscreen Display
Players : 1, 2 & 3 Player Touchscreen Video Games

Fruit Ninja FX2 1 Player
Touchscreen Dimensions :
Height: 106", Width: 48", Depth: 24", Weight: 351 Lbs

Fruit Ninja FX2 2 Player
Touchscreen Dimensions :
Height: 106", Width: 50, Depth: 50", Weight: XXX Lbs

Fruit Ninja FX2 3 Player
Touchscreen Dimensions :
Height: 106", Width: 50, Depth: 50", Weight: 701 Lbs

Global VR Video Arcade Games Catalog

Taito Video Arcade Games


47" Deluxe Cabinet Model

Video Arcade
Shooting Game



Shh...! Welcome To FrightFearLand / FrightMareLand / Haunted Mansion 2 II Video Arcade Game - Deluxe50"  Model -  Taito - Global VR

Frightfearland Arcade Game Video Clip
(Shows Standard & Deluxe Models)

$ 7975 !

FrightFearLand Deluxe 47" Video Arcade Game
FrightFearLand is a very exciting new video light-gun shooter arcade game from Taito and Global VR, and is actually the sequel to Taito and GameWax’s "Haunted Museum" game, called "Haunted Mansion 2" in Japan.

FrightFearLand revolves around the weird disappearance of 100 people in a nameless city, where players become
a "Special Agent', who investigate the disappearances.

The Deluxe Model of FrightFearLand comes with (2) Force-Feedback Guns, a very unique LED "Edge-Lit" Control Panel, plus a eye-catching 3D Marquee and
larger 47" HD Flat Panel Display - And Deluxe model owners can add a additional TV or flat panel monitor
that tracks live gameplay, in order to attract attention
to the game, and also allow spectators a better view.

The primary enemies the player will face throughout the game in FrightFearLand are some very creepy, scary and funny "Killer Clowns", which will remind some players of the great play found in the older "CarnEvil" video game.

There are barrels, boxes and other objects for players to shoot at, pick-ups that players can shoot for points, along with "ammo pick-ups" and hostage s-  When a hostage is saved, the game shows the name of the person saved and will track that. There is no reload feature -how many bullets you have is shown next to the target reticule on the screen and you will find many ammo pick-ups as you play.

FrightFearLand 47" Model Video Game Features:

• Reliable Force-Feedback Gun Action !
• Unique Edge-Lit Control Panel !
• Unique Eye-Catching 3-D Marquee
• Back-Lit Speakers That Enhance Game Play !
• (15) Game Levels + One Bonus Level !
• (12) "Mini-Game" Missions + 6 "Boss" Characters
• (3)  Different Game Endings, Depending On Gameplay
• 1 Player or 2-Player Cooperative Gameplay
• Selectable Game Difficulty Levels

  FrightFearLand Games Brochure

  FrightFearLand Operators Manual

  FrightFearLand 47" Monitor Manual

FrightFearLand Live Games Video
  (Shows Standard & Deluxe Models)

220 Volt Power Conversion - Add $275

Product Condition :
Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
Monitor : 47" High Resolution LCD Widescreen
Players : 1 - 2 Player Video Arcade Shooting Game

FrightFearLand 50" Deluxe Arcade Game Dimensions :
Height: 85", Width: 52", Depth: 57", Weight: 446 Lbs  
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