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Cocktail Tabletop Game Picture


Cocktail Tabletop Game Information

Namco Arcade / Bandai Namco Games Catalog Logo

Arcade Party

30th Anniversary
Limited Edition

19" Monitor
Cocktail Table

Non-Coin Home Free Play Model


Pac Man's Arcade Party Cocktail Table Video Arcade Game |  Non-Coin | From Namco

Comes with Non-Working Simulated Coin Mech
Beautiful Wood Cabinet Looks Fantastic In Any Room ! Side Decals can be easily removed, as shown below.

Pac Man's Arcade Party Cocktail Table Video Arcade Game - Top View | Namco

Pac Man's Arcade Party Cocktail Tablee Video Game Clip

  (Shows 19" Cocktail + Cabaret Non-Coin Models)

(Lift Gate-Curb)

$ 2875 !

Pac-Man's Arcade Party - 30th Anniversary Edition
19" Cocktail Table Home Model -
The brand new
30th Anniversary Edition of this timeless, classic 80's video arcade cocktail style game table called PacMan's Arcade Party is made by Namco Bandai, the original manufacturer of Pac Man Arcade Games, and plays identically as the original 80's versions, but in this new edition, 13 different Classic 80's games you loved and enjoyed are included !

Comes with (13) THIRTEEN Classic 80's Video Games : Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Mania, Galaga, Galaga '88, Bosconian, Dig Dug, Dragon Spirit, Galaxian, Mappy,
Rally X, Rolling Thunder and Xevious all in one cabinet !

   Pac-Man's Arcade Party 30th Anniversary Edition Game Marquees

19" Commercial Video Monitor - This Non-Coin Cabaret
Model includes
simulated, non-working coin mechs
on front for cabinet realism, but coins not needed for play

  Pac Man Arcade Party Brochure

  Pac Mac Arcade Party Cocktail Manual

  Pac-Man Arcade Party Cocktail Video

Optional 220V Power Conversion - Add $245

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
Monitor : 19" LCD Color Monitor
Players : 1 - 2 Player Classic 80's Video Arcade Game

Pac Man Arcade Party Cocktail Table - Home Dimensions :
Height: 30", Width: 21", Length: 37", Weight: 178 Lbs

Namco Arcade / Bandai Namco Games Catalog Logo

Battle Royale

Coin Operated
or Free-Play


Pac Man Battle Royale Video Arcade Game From Namco

Pac Man Battle Royale Arcade Game Video Clip

$ 6975 !

Pac-Man Battle Royale Pedestal Model Arcade Game
Pac-Man Battle Royale is the first four player competitive Pac-Man arcade game every made ! The original Pac-Man game concept has been given a wild and carnivorous
game twist - Eliminate your opponents by eating them,
and the last player standing wins the round !

When players eat a power pellet, they power-up by doubling in size and increasing in speed. Once powered
up, they are now able to eat non powered blue players
and ghosts. Players of the same size simply bounce off each other. Players can also be eliminated by running into ghosts if there aren't any powered up players. Eating a piece of fruit or all of the pellets resets the maze with a fresh new set of power pellets. At the end of the game, statistics are displayed for each players such as "Won Most Rounds" and "Ate Most Pac-Man" - This awesome new game is simple, competitive, and highly addictive
  Pac Man Battle Royale Brochure

  Pac Man Battle Royale Service Manual

  Pac-Man Battle Royale Live Video
Optional 220V Power Conversion - Add $245

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
Monitor : 32" LCD Widescreen Flat Panel Color Monitor
Players : 1 - 4 Player Cocktail Video Arcade Game

Pac-Man Battle Royale Cocktail Arcade Game Dimensions:
Height: 90", Width: 35", Length: 45", Weight: 366 Lbs

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