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Galaga Assault Video Arcade Game From Bandai Namco

Galaga Assault Arcade Game Video


Galaga Assault Video Arcade Game - For those of
you who have been Galaga fans for years, Namco and Raw Thrills joined forces to bring you Galaga Assault !

Players must destroy a wave of enemy ships for a
chance to defeat the mother ship and win the bonus !
And Galaga Assault comes with a new "add ships" feature that allows the player to buy more ships and expand to an armada of up to 12 attacking ships.

And players can also automatically post their high
scores in Galaga Assault directly to Facebook with
Galaga Assault's unique QR Code scanning feature

With it's stunning 42" 1080p HD Monitor and Visuals,
along with its blazingly colorful cabinet and LED lights
Galaga Assault might be the most fun you'll ever have shooting down aliens and winning tickets in arcades !

  Galaga Assault Game Brochure

  Galaga Assault Service Manual

  Galaga Assault Factory Video

Optional 220V Power Conversion - Add $CALL

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements :
110 Volts | Optional 220V
Monitor :  42" HD 1080p Color Monitor
Players : 1 Player Ticket Redemption Video Game

Galaga Assault Ticket Videmption Game Dimensions
Height: 109", Width: 34", Depth: 43", Weight: CALL

Incredible Technologies Arcade Games / Video Games

Golden Tee Golf ® 2021  Home Edition

Factory Showpiece Cabinet Model

Optional Online
Live Play Mode

Residential or
Free Play Use

Shown With Optional TV, Mount + Lighted Marquee

Golden Tee Golf 2021 Online Model Video Arcade Game Logo

  Golden Tee Golf 2020 New Golf Courses - Screenshots

Golden Tee Golf 2017 Online Model Video Clip

$ CALL !

Golden Tee 2021 Home Edition Online Pedestal Model - The new GT 2021 Home Model now comes
(5) All-New, Spectacular Golf Courses PLUS (2) More Time-Released Courses plus (10) NEW Freaky Friday Casual Courses, for with

The Golden Tee Golf 2021 Home Edition is perfect for casual use in homes, apartments, offices, social clubs, colleges or your mancave / basement game room  ! GT Home Edition is "Online", and connects you and your friends to the GT Virtual Golfing Club worldwide !!

New For Golden Tee Golf 2021 Home Edition !
Golden Tee’s Campaign Mode ! Climb the ladder and become a Golden Tee Champion. Conquer legend
John Daly and more than a dozen other rivals ! Events Mode gets BIGGER and BETTER for the Home Edition! Compete in Custom Contests from Home : 9-Hole and
"Money Shot" events will give you even more chances
to compete for cash prizes online ! (Yes, you can play
GT Golf for MONEY, if your state allows it!, see below)

90 + COURSES !  : (17) Golden Tee 2021 Courses
PLUS (81) Golden Tee Courses From 2006-2020 !

Golden Tee Golf 2021 Home Edition Features :

▪ Customize Your On-Screen Avatars !
▪ Upload Your Best Golf Shots to YouTube !
▪ New Courses in Golden Tee’s Campaign Mode !
  Climb the ladder & become a Golden Tee Champion
▪ New ! Conquer Golf Legend John Daly and more
   than a dozen other Pro Golf Tour rivals!
▪ Play Online with Optional Home Subscription !
▪ LIVE Tournaments + Track Your Golf Stats Online !
▪ Real-Time Leaderboards + Larger Invitational Contests
▪ Women Can Choose Female Golfer Avatars On GT Golf !
▪ Compete in Online Contests from Your Home ! 9-Hole 
   Events and "Money Shot" Events will give you even
   more chances to compete for big cash prizes online !

  * AZ, NJ, SD, LA, AK are not allowed to play for
  cash prizes online, per state restrictions.

Optional Golden Tee Online Play : $10/Mo or $99/Yr
You just need to purchase a Flat Panel Monitor (32"-55")
and if not mounting monitor on a wall, we recommend you
add the Integrated Flat Panel Mount shown below..

  Golden Tee 2021 Home Model Page

  GT Golf 2021 New Golf Courses List

GT Golf Home Online Signup Form

  GT Golf Home A/V Connection Guide

  GT Golf Home Flat Panel Mount Guide

Golden Tee 2021 Online Model Video

Optional Integrated Flat Panel Mount - Add $395
Optional Card-Free Player Entry Keypad - Add $125
Optional Lighted GT Marquee Topper Sign - Add $125
Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion -

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements :  110 Volts | Optional 220V
Monitor : User Supplied 32" to 60" Flat Panel Monitor
Players : 1 to 4 Player Golf Video Arcade Game

Golden Tee Golf 2021 Home Edition Game Dimensions :
Height: 38.5", Width: 25.5", Depth: 30", Weight: 225 Lbs
 (w/Stand : Height: 85", Width: 25.5", Depth: 53", 295 Lbs)

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