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Arachnid Dart Machines

DiscGlo Shuffle

Shuffleboard Bowling Game

DiscGlo Shuffle Virtual Shuffleboard / Bowling Game

Comes With 5 Games + 2 Bowling Games !

Real-Life Shuffleboard Pucks and No Wax Lane !

DiscGlo Shuffle Virtual Shuffleboard Video Clip

$ 3975 !

$ 4175 !
(Coins Only)

$ 4475 !
(Coins + DBA)

    Best Of Show Award - 2nd Place - BOSA 2014 !

DiscGlo Shuffle Virtual Shuffleboard / Bowling - The latest and most AWESOME LOOKING virtual shuffleboard innovation from Arachnid is based on the Super Shuffle II, but now with surround LED lighting guaranteed to attract !

Comes with 7 Great Shuffleboard and Bowling Games ! Knock Off 11, Knock Off 15, Leader Of The Puck, First
To 21, Crazy Shuffle, Classic Bowling and Split Secord Bowling - Game features both league play, tournament play and casual (home) play. Players launch a real-life puck across an abbreviated shuffleboard-style play field, while a sensor tracks the puck's speed and trajectory, then projects that via a virtual puck onto the flat screen

"Casual Play" charges can range from $.50 to $1.50 per player with 1 to 4 players a game, or Player vs. Computer.
Tournament play features 4 to 8 players. Single or double elimination matches can be played in single or "2 out of 3" modes. "Luck of the Draw" placement is also available. League play is available with Knock Off 11, Knock Off 15, Crazy Shuffle, Classic Bowling and Split Second Bowling.

DiscGlo Shuffle Shuffleboard / Bowling Features :

  Only 5 1/2′ Long  - Can Be Placed Almost Anywhere ! 
  Handles From 1 to 4 Players and Teams / League Play
  Large, Bright LCD Widescreen Color Playfield Monitor
  Built-In Paperless Leagues+ "LeagueLeader" Ready !
  Player Rating System Built In +  Tournament Chart
  Now With 7 Games, Including (2) Bowling Alley Games
  Automated Scoring, No Miss-Scores or Cheating
  Just a Puck - No Trackballs For Lower Maintenance !
  Rugged Commercial Cabinet & Wireless / Web Ready
  Coin/DBA model comes with a Pyramid 500 Note Bill
   Stacker DBA, and accepts $1 , $5, $10 & $20 notes.
 Also Includes (2) Handy Player Drink / Cup Holders !

  DiscGlo Shuffle Shuffleboard Flyer

  DiscGlo Shuffle Award Video

Optional League Leader Software - Add $CALL
Optional 220Volt Power Conversion - FREE !

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
Monitor : XX" LCD Widescreen Color Monitor
Players :
1 - 4 Player Shuffleboard / Bowling Game

DiscGlo Shuffle Virtual Shuffleboard Machine Dimensions :
Height: 66", Width: 31", Depth: 40", Weight: 245 Lbs
   (Height Does Not Include Height Of Marquee Sign)

G'Spirit Tennis

Virtual Tennis Arcade Game



G'Spirit / G Spirit Tennis Video Arcade Game | Wahlap Technology

G Spirit Tennis Video Arcade Tennis Game Demo Clip

$ 5075 !

G'Spirit Tennis Virtual Tennis Arcade Game -
G' Spirit Tennis is the product of Wahlap Technology's independent research and development of 3D Tennis,
and combines 1080p HD Graphics with real 3D Engine rendering technology to provide a very unique tennis
playing experience suitable for all ages ! G' Spirit Tennis
has a 48" HD LCD Monitor, and uses a unique "Body
Feel" Waving Joystick to simulate real tennis action s

G'Spirit Tennis Arcade Video Game Features :

▪  First 3D Physical Reality Somatosensory Game !
▪  Suitable For All Ages /  Cartoon Character Design
▪  Stunning 47" HD 1080p Monitor + Game Graphics !
▪  High-End 3D Engine + Full HD Display = Clear Picture
▪  Ball Speed and Angles Determined By Players
▪  Game Characters Have Unique Skills & Effects
▪  Up To (4) Games Can Be Connected For Singles,
   Doubles, High Antagonism or E-Sports game modes !



  G Spirit Tennis Game Brochure

  G-Spirit Tennis Factory Video

  G-Spirit Tennis Arcade Video

Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion - Add $195

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
Monitor :
47"  HD LCD Widescreen Monitor
Players : 1 Player Video Arcade Tennis Game

G'Spirit Tennis Video Arcade Game Dimensions :
Height: 85", Width: 62", Depth: 98", Weight: 625 Lbs
Incredible Technologies / Incredible Technology Video Arcade Games / IT / ITS / ITSGames

Golden Tee Golf Games
See Golden Tee Golf Selection Guide Page

Sega Amusements Catalog | SEGA USA Arcade Games

Mario & Sonic
At The Rio 2016 Olympics

2 Player
Deluxe Model

 4 Player Super Deluxe Model

Video Arcade Physical Skill
Game Machine

Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games Video Arcade Game From Sega

Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games - 4 Player Model Video Arcade Game From Sega

Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games Arcade Game Video

(Shows Factory Produced Video)

$ CALL !
(2 Player DLX)

$ CALL !
(4 Player SDX)

Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games Physical Skill Video Arcade Game - Mario & Sonic
at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games™ ARCADE EDITION
sees players face off in a very intense competition
between the world’s most loved rivals - Mario & Sonic !.

Mario and Sonic’s coming together for the first time in arcades sees players compete in nine events, including 100m, Hammer Throw and Archery. The game will take
you to the Olympic Stadium where you can choose from
a legendary cast of characters including Luigi, Knuckles, Peach, and Tails. Help them run, throw and jump to victory

Mario & Sonic At Rio Olympics Game Features :

▪ (9) Fun and Challenging Events To Compete In !
▪ (4) Player Model Has Super Marquee + Player Cam !
▪ Up To (4) Players Can Compete In "Versus" Mode
▪ Featuring Your Favorite Mario & Sonic Characters !
▪ Easy Twin Joystick + Foot Sensor Game Controls
▪ (2) or (4) 55" High Definition LED Display Monitors
▪ (4) Overhead HD LED Monitors with the SDX Model

  Mario & Sonic Rio Olympics Brochure

  Mario & Sonic DLX and SDX Manual

  Mario & Sonic SDX Marquee Manual

  Mario & Sonic Olympics Factory Video

Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion - Add $275

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
Monitor : 55" LCD High Definition Flat Panel Displays
Players : 1-2 & 1-4 Player Physical Skill Video Game

Mario & Sonic Rio Olympics 2 Player DLX Dimensions :
Height: 90", Width: 99", Depth: 58", Weight: CALL

Mario & Sonic Rio Olympics 4 Player SDX Dimensions :
Height: 126", Width: 264", Depth: 62", Weight: CALL

Incredible Technologies / Incredible Technology Video Arcade Games / IT / ITS / ITSGames


Factory Showpiece Cabinet Model

Coin + DBA
 + Credit Card
Operated Model

Online Use Only

Power Putt LIVE Mini Golfing Video Arcade Game

Shown With Optional TV Mount (TV Not included)

Power Putt LIVE Mini Golf Game Logo

PowerPutt Live Video Arcade Game Video Clip

$ 3775 !

Power Putt LIVE Mini Golf Showpiece Cabinet -
This fun yet realistic Miniature Golf game comes with features like "Poker Putt", which brings the thrill of the poker table to your mini-golf putting ! Try to get the best hand! New "Accomplishment Badges" can earned for
hole-in-ones, rebound points, streaks and great shot s!

Power Putt LIVE Video Mini Golf Game Features :

(11) Total Hyper Realistic 18-Hole Mini Golf Courses ! 
Tournament Mode hosts anywhere from 4 -16 players !
Scrolling LED Display -See game features and scores
   from across the room! - Scrolling banner with simulated
   red dot matrix type shows off player accomplishments.
Local Leaderboards and Course Champion Screens to
   find out who the REAL PowerPutt Bar Champions are !

Power Putt LIVE accepts credit cards, debit cards, bills and quarters for easy payments and profits, and can be can be used in locations without internet service. Connection costs are about $10 per month from Sprint

You just need to purchase a Flat Panel Monitor (32"-52")
and if not mounting monitor on a wall, we recommend
adding the Integrated Flat Panel Mount shown below.

Coins + $1 to $20 Bill Acceptors Included In Price !
DBA Accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 Bills and Credit Cards

  PowerPutt LIVE Information Page

  PowerPutt LIVE Game Brochure

  PowerPutt LIVE Operators Manual

  PowerPutt Operator Fees + Forms

  PowerPutt LIVE A/V Connect Guide

  Integrated Flat Panel Mount Guide

  Power Putt LIVE Factory Game Video

Optional Integrated Flat Panel Mount - Add $475
Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion - Add $375

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty :
Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements :
Standard 110 Volts Only
Monitor :  
User Supplied (32" to 60" Flat Panel Monitor)
Players : 1 to 16 Player Mini Golf Video Arcade Game

Power Putt LIVE Video Arcade Golf Game Dimensions :
Height: 39", Width: 24.5", Depth: 30", Weight: 205 Lbs
   (w/42" TV + Stand : Height: 86", Width: 26", Depth: 54")

Chicago Gaming Company Arcade Products

Putt !

Free Play Model

Video Arcade
Miniature Golf
Simulator Game


Putt Championship Edition Non Coin / Free Play Miniature Golf Video Arcade Game / Putt! Mini Golf Arcade By Chicago Gaming Company

Arcade Game Video Clip

(Shows Coin Operated Model)

(Lift Gate-Curb)

$ 4495 !

Putt Championship Edition Miniature Golf Video Arcade Machine - Non-Coin / Free Play Model -
he Putt Championship Edition Free Play Model is the
first video arcade mini golf game to use a real putter
and golf ball, and two nine hole courses equals 18
holes of challenging and competitive miniature golf play !

The new Putt! Championship Golf cabinet comes with a highly reliable LCD Monitor that gives players a crystal clear and breath-taking view of highly detailed golf holes.

Putt Championship Edition Golf features eighteen hyper-realistic miniature golf courses for 1 to 4 player action,
which encourages friendly competition between friends and families of all ages. Secret, hidden "short cuts" are
placed throughout the game
to add to player excitement and designed to help improve players' scores and play!

Putt! will be loved by players of all ages, and with its compact footprint (slightly larger that a pinball machine)
makes it a game that you can put in a variety of different places from homes, clubs, offices, factories and waiting rooms to dorms, colleges and many other locations !

  Putt ! Championship Game Brochure

  Putt ! Championship Service Manual

  Putt ! Championship Game Video
 (Shows Coin Operated Model)

Optional Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA) - Add $450
Optional 220V Power Conversion  - Add $250

Product Condition: Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements :
110 Volts | Optional 220V
Monitor : 32" LCD High Resolution Color Monitor
Players : 1 to 4 Player Miniature Golf Arcade Game

Putt Championship Edition Non-Coin Model Dimensions:
Height: 72", Width: 54.5", Depth: 67.5", Weight: 476 Lbs

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