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Home > Master Selection Guide > Master Catalog Guide > Incredible Technologies / ITNET Operator Information Page

Incredible Technologies LIVE Games  |  Operator Fees  /  ITNet Forms Information Page  |  2015

Thinking of buying a Golden Tee LIVE, Silver Strike LIVE or PowerPutt LIVE Machine ?

Here's what you'll need do to successful operate any Incredible Technologies LIVE Video Game :

1)  Purchase ITS Games online at or call us at (800) 746-2255 / (561) 391-7200

2)  Review ITNet Operator Fees :  Golden Tee LIVE   |  Silver Strike LIVE   |   Powerputt LIVE

3)  Review the ITNet Operating Rules document

4)  Fill out and fax to ITS the following three forms (contained in this document) after you have   
your game (s) from us to get a "head start" and insure you are registered prior
     to game delivery
- Important !
   |  Click on links below to view, print, sign then fax these
     documents to Incredible Technologies ITNet Registration Fax # at : (847) 454-9155

      a)   ITNet Operator Agreement Form

b)   ITNet Debit Account Form

c)   IRS W-9 form

5)  Once games arrive at your location, and if you pre-registered as suggested, you are ready to
     connect the games with ITNet, which automatically registers and connects your game for play -
     If you did not pre-register, use the forms here or included in the "Procedures Manual" that
     will come with the game to register, which can take up to (10) days to process after receipt

 * You must have a US business with a valid Federal EIN / TIN Number in order to register and operate LIVE Games.

  ITNet Operator ID Cards: 
What are they, why are they needed, and how do you get one ?

  ITNet Operator ID Cards allows you to access to the ITS Menu System to register any additional  
you might purchase in the future, but more importantly, allows you to manage your games,  
  adjust game settings, check audits and bookkeeping functions from the machine directly, and best
  of all, the Operator ID Card gives you access to the ITNet Operators Website, which allows you to
  check game audits, statistics and make game adjustments online, in real-time for every ITS LIVE   
  game you own, without having to physically be at the machine ! Your ITNet Operator Card will be
  mailed about 10 days after processing your Operator Agreement, Debit Account and W9 Forms.

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