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Imply Green Bowling Official Bowling Lanes  |  Complete Turnkey Bowling Alleys  |  Info Page


Imply Green Bowling Official Bowling Lanes provides turnkey bowling solutions with state-of-the-art
technology, components, innovations and management systems, in one package. And Imply Official Bowling
Lanes are constructed of very high-quality, eco-friendly Synthetic Laminates offering extra long-lasting durability


Imply Green Bowling Official Bowling Lane Features

Imply ? Super Tough Phenolic Synthetic Laminated Lanes

Imply Super Tough Phenolic Synthetic Laminated Lanes

With over 10,000 cycles of wear resistance, all  Imply Bowling Lanes
will look and perform just like new, many years after initial installation.

Imply Bowling Lanes are offered in ABC official regulation-size lane
dimensions, or can be custom-configured for any special requirement.

Imply Automatic Bowling Lane Bumpers

Automatic Bowling Lane Bumpers

Automatic Lane Bumpers allows children and new players the option
to make the balls avoid the gutters for easier playing, and this option is
accessible by players from the multi-function terminal during the game !

Imply Integrated LED Bowling Lane Lighting Feature

Integrated LED Bowling Lane Lighting Feature

The LED lighting system on the lanes divisions provides
several visual effects that complement the Bright Bowling.

Imply Multi-Function Bowling Lane User Terminals

Imply Multi-Function Bowling Lane User Terminals

With a bold and slim design, the lane terminals provide a modern
decoration for your bowling center . Equipped with the latest LCD
Touchscreen, allowing the players to access all the lane control
functions through a simple touch on the screen !

Imply Overhead LCD Bowling Lane Displays

Overhead LCD Bowling Lane Displays

The latest in design and technology, 32” Flat Screen LCD displays show the lane scores, along with Cable TV or Video images, controlled by the included Management Central Software. And when the lanes are closed, they can present personalized messages! Thus, it is possible to show promotions, congratulate a customer on a special occasion, recognize happy hour groups, or rent this space to others to generate extra income.

Imply Bright Bowling / Night Bowling / Glow In The Dark Lane Feature

Bright Bowling / Night Bowling / Glow In The Dark Lane Feature

Imply Bowling Lanes can show of variety of colors, lights and music,
with special "glow-in-the-dark" pigments used on lane equipment
components which interact with black lights, resulting in a very
cool, glowing and extremely eye-catching bowling attraction !

To maximize "night bowling" effects, optional color dancing lights,
strobo-lights, smoke effects and more can be added. These effects
creates a exciting, contagious and memorable "night-club" like playing environment among clients increasing the time they spend bowling !

Imply Publicity / Advertising Bowling Lane Panels

Publicity / Advertising Bowling Lane Panels

Panels are shown during pin resets, and offer exceptional visibility to
all players - Ideal for paid ads, panels can be rented to sponsors, local businesses or special occasions like birthday parties for extra income !

Imply ? Bowling Center Software Package

Imply Bowling Center3D Animations Feature

Imply Bowling Center Automatic Scoring Feature

Imply Bowling Center Software Package

Imply Bowling Lanes have the most modern software on the market!

Multi-Languages System: Allows the player to select their language
    to run the lanes. With a touch on the screen, it is possible to choose
    among several languages, such as English, Portuguese, Spanish,
    French and more, so any foreign tourist or foreign resident will feel
    right at home with the Imply Bowling Center and iBowling Lanes.

3D Animations: During or after each frame, entertaining 3D
    graphic animations are shown based on scores, providing
    fun and interactivity.

Bowling Center Software with internet remote updates

Integrated fault line allows an individual configuration for each
    player, providing more security.

Configurable screensavers: Shown when the lane is closed,
     can be rented for sponsors, generating an extra income.

Multiplatform compatibility: Can be installed both on Linux or
     Windows environments.

Personalized messages: Scrolled at bottom of the screen,
    can show promotions, events, sponsors and company info.

Automatic Ranking: At the end of the game, classifies the
    players score in three categories (male, female and children).

Inter-Lane Messaging/Torpedoes: Allows players to send   
    messages from one lane to another, or from the management
    central to the lanes.

Bowling Center Management System: Besides managing the 
    Imply Bowling Lanes, the management system allows you to
    control other equipment, such as snooker tables, video games,  
    cybercafé, and other optional machines and games, allowing
    internal or remote monitoring of machine operations directly
    through reports.

Imply Bowling - Minimal Bowling Lane Maintenance

Minimal Bowling Lane Maintenance

Imply Bowling Lanes are made to require minimum lane maintenance,
and use standard TCP/Ethernet technologies,  Linux or Windows servers, and modular / plate connections, with remote updates via Internet. along with phone technical support if needed. Imply Bowling Lanes are also recognized with CE Certification, following
international quality standards.

Imply BowlingNet System

Imply BowlingNet System:

Allows the owner to remotely manage his Imply Bowling Center, from
any place of the world through the Internet. With this system, the owner
can view the income of each lane or from all of them. It allows to see in
real time which are the open lanes, and many other useful information.

Imply Bowling Center Lounge Furniture

Imply Bowling Center Lounge Furniture (Optional)

The Imply Bowling Lane Furniture Line is designed to create a elegant
" lounge " type atmosphere, providing greater comfort to customers
and maximizing the time they spend bowling and generating revenues, which means greater user satisfaction and increased cash flow to your bowling center. All models in this line can be supplied in many different colors to match any color scheme, and offer a high level of comfort
and durability.

Imply Official iBowling Bowling Alley - Four Lane Dimensions


Imply Green Bowling Official Bowling Lane Optional Features

Imply Bowling Alley Accesories Information


Imply Tecnologia Eletronica | Arcade and Bowling Catalog

Imply Green Bowling ©
Regulation-Sized Professional
Bowling Lanes



Imply Green Bowling Official Bowling Lane - Picture 1

Imply Green Bowling Official Bowling Lanes - Picture 2

Imply Green Bowling Official Bowling Alley Lane - Picture 3

Imply Green Bowling Official Bowling Alley - Picture 4

Imply Green Bowling Official Bowling Lane Alleys - Picture 5


Official Green Bowling / Bowling Cafe Info Page

(55' Lanes)

(65' Lanes)

(96' Lanes)

Green Bowling Official Regulation Bowling Lanes - High Quality Bowling Lanes built to Official ABC (American Bowling Congress) specifications, at about half the price of other brands, with twice the product features, and can be deployed and used with most major global languages!

Constructed of Eco-Friendly, Durable Wood Phenolic Synthetic Laminates, the Green Bowling System provides the most "state-of-the art" bowling innovations anywhere !

Price quoted included EVERYTHING needed to start and run your new Bowling Alley from the Bowling Lane, Pin Setters, Ball Return, Lane Dividers, Player Control Kiosk, Overhead Scoreboard, Lighting Systems, Bowling Pins, Bowling Balls, Bowling Shoes and Player Area Furniture, right down to the advanced Bowling Operations and Management Computer System and Software, plus
FREE On-Site Bowling Lane Installation Worldwide !

Green Bowling Official Bowling Lane Features :

■ Large 32" Overhead LCD Scoreboard Display With
  3D Animations For Increased Player Fun & Interactivity!
■ Personalized Live On-Screen Messages and Off-Duty
  Monitor Screen Saver - Use For Promotions or Ads !
■ Multi-Function LCD Touchscreen Player Terminal
  With Multi-Language Capability In English, Spanish,
  Portuguese, French and Other Languages Available !
■ Advertising / Publicity Panels Show While Pin Resets
  For Location Promotions or Additional Ad Revenues !
■ Integrated Fault Line With Individual Configuration
■ Integrated "Lane-To-Lane" Messaging Allows Player
  Communication, Or To Ask Bowling Center For Help ! 

■ Synthetic Phenolic Lane Laminates-10,000 Cycle Duty !
■ LED Lane Lighting Embedded In Each Lane That
  Can Provide Several Cool Lane Lighting Effects!
■ Lanes Come Embedded With Invisible "Glow In The
  Dark" Pigments That Activate Under UV Black Light !
■ Automatic Gutter Bumpers For New Player/Kids Use!
■ "BowlingNet" System For Remote Lane Management
  and Revenue Reports Anywhere In The World 24/7 !
■ Comes With Bowling Lounge Furniture (Table & Sofa)
  In Your Choice Of Various Colors, Along With  

 pista ibowling


  Green Bowling Lanes Info Page

  Green Bowling Lane Brochure

  Green Bowling Lane Warranty

  Green Bowling Lane Dimensions

  Imply Green Bowling Lanes Video

  Imply Green Bowling Lanes Colors

  Imply Green Bowling Lanes Video 2

Product Condition: Brand New In Factory Container
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements: 110 Volts  |  220 Volts

Imply Green Bowling Official Bowling Lane Dimensions :
See Green Bowling / Bowling Cafe Lane Dimensions

Imply Tecnologia Eletronica | Arcade and Bowling Catalog

Bowling Cafe

Small Space
Bowling Alley


Imply Residential Bowling Lanes / Bowling Cafe - Picture 3

Imply Residential Bowling Lane - Picture 2

Imply Residential Bowling Alley - Picture 1

(55 Ft Lane)

(65 Foot Lane)

Imply Bowling Cafe - Compact Bowling Alley Lanes Imply's new bowling alley concept, the Imply ■ Bowling Cafe provides players all the excitement of official bowling lanes in a compact size without using any attendants !

The Imply Bowling Cafe is the perfect solution for getting big profits in smaller locations such as Arcades, FEC's, Malls, Theaters and other Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) venues. Bowling Cafe provides the thrill of bowling for all ages, and suitable for all entertainment applications.

Imply ■ Bowling Cafe provides LBE locations guaranteed revenues for family fun, happy hours, birthday parties, corporate team events and more ! Up to (6) players can compete on the same lane, but in a casual, no pressure atmosphere that doesn't require the use of special shoes.

Bowling Cafe Lanes come with special "glow-in-the dark" inks embedded in all components, which interact with the use of optional UV "Backlights", along with LED Lighting embedded along both sides of the lane, which literally turns the Bowling Cafe into a very eye-catching display
of lights and colors, helping to attract and keep players !

And with optional Imply ■ Bowling Lounge Furniture, you can create a real "lounge" type atmosphere around your lanes, to provide greater comfort to your customers and maximizing the time they spend in your bowling center. 

Imply Bowling Cafe Bowling Alley Features :

■ NO Attendants ! Uses Coins, Tokens or Smart Cards
■ Large 32" Overhead LCD Player Scoreboard Display
  With 3D Animations For Increased Player Fun, Plus
  Optional Display Of DVD, Live TV or Sporting Events !
■ LED Lane Lighting Embedded In Each Lane That
  Can Provide Several Cool Lane Lighting Effects!
■ Lanes Come Embedded With Invisible "Glow In The
  Dark" Pigments That Activate Under UV Black Light !
■ Includes Official Imply Bowling Pins and UV Glow-In
  The-Dark Bowling Balls In Various Weights and Colors !
■ Advertising / Publicity Panels Show While Pin Resets
  For Location Promotions or Additional Ad Revenues !
■ Optional Themed Bowling Lounge Furniture Available

Imply Bowling Cafe Bowling Alley Lanes - Specifications - From Imply Tecnologia Eletronica tabela medidas



  Imply Bowling Cafe Brochure

Imply Bowling Cafe Video

Optional Players Lounge Sofas + Table - Add $CALL 

Product Condition: Brand New In Factory Crate
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements: 110 Volts  |  220 Volts

Imply Bowling Cafe - 55' / 65' Lane Dimensions :
Total Alley Width (One Lane) : 6'-7.5" / 202cm
Total Alley Length (55' Lane) : 55'-10.5" / 1703cm
Total Alley Length (65' Lane) : 65'-11.5" / 2010cm

Bowling Lane Length : 33'-6.75" / 1023cm
Approach Area Length : 10' / 307cm
Player's Area Length : 6'-6.75" / 200cm


Tips On Creating Bowling Entertainment Centers

Every entrepreneur interested in setting up a profitable and popular bowling recreation center
must plan ahead, paying attention to some important details prior to the opening of business :

Business Plan : Instead of investing in just simple standalone bowling alley, today it is
more profitable to create a unique "destination" for leisure and entertainment, with many
different entertainment options, which bowling works as the "anchor", combined with a
variety of leisure choices such as arcade games, sports games, bars, restaurants and
other attractions that will increase your market and profits. Adding major attractions like
3D Motion Theaters and Motion Rides can add even more profits to your entertainment
or bowling center, and provides more options for fun and entertainment for all ages.

Building And Location : The choice of a suitable location is one of the most important
details that makes the difference. And with BMIGaming and Imply bowling professionals
offering you years of international bowling center construction experience, we can assist
in choosing  the ideal location to purchase or lease, conduct a bowling feasibility study to
insure maximum return on investment, as well as answer many other important questions:

          ●   Availability of parking for customers
          ●   Availability / reliability of electricity
          ●   Security of the center / region
Possibility of future expansion
          ●   Proximity to suppliers and services
          ●   Proximity of competitors (other sports or recreational activities)

After choosing the location, Imply and BMIGaming can assist you in all phases of your
project and construction of your Bowling Center. Besides being manufacturers, Imply
also operates several Entertainment Centers, and BMIGaming consults and help build
major FEC centers worldwide, so you can count on their combined global experience,
training, installation and support staff to ensure that your bowling center is very profitable.

Lane Dimensions : For the proper installation of the lanes, there is the need for a minimum
physical space. A Bowling/Recreation Center must have at least 70 to 100 square meters of
area in proportion of each bowling lane you want to install. For a 10 lane bowling alley, the
ideal area needed in from 700 to 1,000 square meters. Dimensions include space for the
lanes, bar, kitchen, bathrooms, office, video games and other attractions. To install bowling
lanes with official "ABC" dimensions, the building must have a minimum length of 30 meters.

Imply Official iBowling Bowling Alley - Single Lane Dimensions

Building Layout : The planning of modern and dynamic environments, sizing the available
space, ensures that there will be no areas with little use or places with excessive traffic.
Around the lanes, it is suggested to keep away other activities that may distract people.
A place for games and recreational activities for children must be properly designed.
The cleaning service, the number of available toilets and environment ventilation or
air conditioning are also important to provide comfort to your clients.

Lighting : You have to create a harmonious lighting, taking care not to install an excessive
or inadequate lighting. For the lanes area, we offer a special lighting project for the Imply
Bright Bowling effects show.

Colors: For the walls, the best option are colors exciting to the public, avoiding monotony
or excess of colors inside the bowling. The choice of colors complements the decor and
theming of the environment and can make your bowling center even more modern and attractive.

Acoustics: Especially in residential areas, the acoustic insulation is essential to not
bother neighbors, thus avoiding damaged image.

Accessibility : The ease of access to customers is another important item. The project
needs to provide access for people with special needs. And the existence of a parking lot
will encourage customers, providing them more safety and convenience.

Columns : The existence of columns between the lanes or in the players area is inadvisable.



Please note : The timeline / task list below is far from complete, but offers a good overview


  ●  Create general business plan
  ●  Investigate project financing options.
  ●  Investigate potential sites for project to be built on.
  ●  Conduct "Site Feasibility" study  


  ●  Select final project site from Site Feasibility Study results
  Secure project site lease or land to build on.
  ●  Secure project financing


    Hire architects to start building layout and design process    
  Sign contract for construction of exterior building (if needed)
  ●  Sign contract for construction of interior areas / renovations


  ●  Determine exact number of bowling lanes required
  ●  Determine other games or attractions to be purchased
  ●  Create general marketing and publicly plan


  ●  Create project management plans and develop marketing plans
  ●  Sign contract to purchase bowling lanes and other equipment


  ●  Start recruitment of upper management personnel
  Sign contract to purchase arcade games and attractions
  Build website and start social media + internet marketing
  ●  Set opening week date and timeline for opening activities
  ●  Start building interior and prepare for installation of bowling lanes


  ●  Finish interior construction and preparation of facility for lane installation.
  ●  Recruitment and selection of all other employees and machine technicians.
  ●  Start major marketing campaigns in broadcast media about opening day


  ●  Finish bowling area decorations and start furniture installation
  ●  Start  advertising campaigns in local media (radio, cable, newspapers)
  ●  Start on-site training of bowling center technicians by Imply / BMI Staff.
  ●  Start on-site training of all other bowling center staff


  ●  End of all construction / final cleanup / equipment testing
  ●  Final testing of the Bowling Lanes and Imply Management System
  ●  Before and after Bowling Center launch, BMIGaming and Imply Bowling
      Professionals can offer your staff many useful guidelines, available from
      our accumulated experience with other FEC's (Family Entertainment Centers)

Typical Four Lane Installation Shown Above



 Under Construction - Coming Soon - Call / Email For More Information


FAQ : Imply Bowling Lanes  |  EQUIPMENT / FEATURES

 Under Construction - Coming Soon - Call / Email For More Information


FAQ : Imply Bowling Lanes  |  RETURN ON INVESTMENT

 Under Construction - Coming Soon - Call / Email For More Information


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