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Discontinued Redemption Arcade Games  |  Reference Page  |  X - Z

All Redemption Games below are discontinued and no longer available

Click here for all current in-stock redemption and crane games for sale !

Game Name

Game Picture


  Game Description

Innovative Concepts In Entertainment / Ice Games Catalog


Jumbo Crane Redemption
Game Machine

X-Factor 60" Jumbo Crane Redemption Game From ICE Games

ICE X-Factor Jumbo Plush Crane Redemption Arcade Game Video Clip


X-Factor Crane - The new double capacity 60" crane designed to be an real eye catcher in any location! The
X Factor Crane is the ideal game for Jumbo Plush Toys.
The X Factor's rich color scheme and huge display area for merchandise will add a touch of class to just about
any location, and also ensure this new top of the line
60" crane claw will attract players in excellent numbers

Some unique points of X-Factor include Instant Replay
and Free Game Features, which add to the play value
of the machine. The instant replay will allow the player
to re-deploy the claw in the exact same position as the
last drop provided there are credits available. Another
great feature is the "Just Missed It" attempt, and the
unique "Free Game" option (operator controlled) adds
random credits for additional player fun and excitement !

The X-Factor Crane uses a unique remote programming unit that enables easy operation without having to bend into awkward positions or read cryptic displays. The
small hand-held unit uses a connecting cable and plain
text graphics which are easy to read and understand.

The X Factor Crane's unique Display Cabinet allows for additional product display without encroaching into the play area. This design also allows a narrower cabinet width to save space. This is advantageous since the display cabinet can be slid into the cabinet if needed to
 go through narrow doorways  Shelving units are fully adjustable and comes with attractive Stainless Steel
Rods to hold the prizes tightly in place. The display
cabinet is also fully mirrored rear and sides for looks !

  X-Factor Jumbo Crane Brochure

 X Factor Jumbo Crane Video

Optional 220V Operation (Transformer) - Add $

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty :
Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements :
110 Volts | Optional 220V

Electrical Usage : 110V @ A  |  220V @ A
Players : 1 - 2 Player Plush Crane Redemption Game

X-Factor Jumbo Crane Claw Machine Dimensions :
Height: 78", Width: 42", Depth: 61", Weight: 1100 Lbs
Innovative Concepts In Entertainment / Ice Games Catalog


 Redemption Game

X-Prize Prize Redemption Game From ICE Games

Arcade Game Video Clip


X Prize - The most unique redemption game in the prize redemption industry! the new X-PRIZE is a neat 2-player ticket redemption game and merchandiser all in one !

The object of the X Prize Redemption Game  is to stop the outer light in the "WIN ZONE". If you stop the chasing light in the win zone the INNER WHEEL will automatically spin giving the player a chance to win more tickets. If the
wheel stops in the PRIZE area, the player can choose
from four prizes that are located in the display case !

If a player is not able to stop on the WIN ZONE, tickets
are still awarded on the outer ring, for a winner every
time! Both wheel stations operate independently, and
each player station can hold up to 16,000 tickets !!!.

This game has both player appeal and flash, and is one HUGE prize redemption piece that will really get noticed !

  X-Prize Fact Sheet 1  |  Fact Sheet 2

 X-Prize Redemption Game Video

Optional 220V Operation (Transformer) - Add $

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty :
Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements :
110 Volts | Optional 220V

Electrical Usage : 110V @ 4A  |  220V @ Call
Players : 1 - 2 Player Prize Redemption Arcade Game

X-Prize Prize
Redemption Game Dimensions :
Height: 94", Width: 82", Depth: 36", Weight: 1099 Lbs

Skee-Ball / Skeeball Redemption Arcade Games From BMI Gaming


Alley Roller

Skeeball X-Treme / Xtreme Alley Roller Bowling Game Arcade Machine By Skeeball From BMI Gaming

5-Player Model Unit Shown Above
With Optional
Overhead Jackpot Sign


X-Treme - The X-Treme alley ticket redemption game comes with X-Treme colors at an X-Treme low Price !

Skee-Ball's Extreme Alley offers the same great play as the original Skee-Ball Alley, only now with state-of-the
art electronics and a bolder, brighter new color scheme!

As all Skee-Ball products, X-Treme features the same quality construction synonymous  with the Famous
Skee-Ball name! Picture shows five units with optional Progressive Jackpot Sign.

Single units can be added together, five unit Model is
shown at left. Some minor assembly is required with
the use of standard (household)  tools.

 : Add $
OPTIONAL JACKPOT SIGN (Shown at left) : $

Skee-Ball X-Treme Alley Roller Dimensions :
Height: 79",  Width: 30", Depth: 122", Weight: 420 Lbs

Coastal Amusements

Zany Zoo

Redemption Game
Zany Zoo Plush Animal Crane Claw Redemption Game From Coastal Amusements

Zany Zoo Crane Redemption Arcade Game Video Clip

Zany Zoo Crane - Zany Zoo is back stock for the 2013 season ! As seen in stores and arcades everywhere,
and also great for parties or just to play for fun !

Zany Zoo Toy Plush Crane Machine Features :

▪ All Steel Cabinet
▪ Attractive Running Lights
▪ Programmable Pricing and Options
▪ Electronic Sounds
▪ Prize Detection
▪ Prize Storage
▪ Pad Lock Bar
▪ Electronic Coin Comparator

  Zany Zoo Crane Game Brochure

  Zany Zoo Crane Game Video

Optional Dollar Bill Acceptor - Add $
Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion - Add $

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : See Factory Game Warranties
Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
Players :  
1 Player Plush Claw Crane Machine

Zany Zoo Plush Crane Redemption Game Dimensions :
Height: 81", Width: 40", Depth: 39", Weight: 460 Lbs

Innovative Concepts In Entertainment / Ice Games Catalog


Video Ticket Redemption Game
ZooFari Video Arcade Game Ticket Redemption Game From ICE Games

Video Redemption Game- A great kiddy
video redemption game great for any location !

This highly interactive 2 player video redemption
game challenges the players to utilize their unique
"food dispenser" to feed the various animals.

The more peanuts the players successfully launch
into the animals mouths the more points and tickets
they win! Also features bonus animals, time and
points. A must have game for young children !

  ZooFari Redemption Game Brochure

Optional 220V Operation (Transformer) -

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty :
Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements :
110 Volts / 220V Optional

Monitor:  Color CRT Monitor
Players :
1 Player Ticket Redemption Video Game

Zoofari Ticket Redemption Video Game Dimensions :
Height: 104", Width: 48", Depth: 32", Weight: 450 Lbs

All games above have been discontinued by the manufacturer (or us), and are no longer available 

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Discontinued Redemption Arcade Games  |  Reference Page  |  X - Z

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