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Domestic Order Shipping Rates & Information  |  USA  

Please click here for International Shipping Information if you are a customer shipping items outside of the USA

Don't be tricked by claims of  "Free Shipping" - Many times this involves you and your very strong
friends renting a truck and driving 30 minutes to pickup your 350 + lbs item from some remote airport
or trucking terminal - or worse, shipping deals that offer free "home", "ground" or "door to door" delivery,
but don't tell you this really means that your delivery is only as far as the "curbside" at your location..

Did you know that all curbside deliveries
made without "liftgates" actually make you responsible for
taking the item off the back of the truck? And even with a liftgate, this is problematic - Imagine having
a 18-wheel semi-trailer pull up to your location and then having the driver tell you that you have to
move this 300 to 1300 Lb item that may comes crated in a box the size of a refrigerator from his
truck, and then having to deal with the potentially dangerous task of uncrating or unpacking and then
moving these heavy items into your location, all without ever dropping or scratching it, or even hurting yourself, friends or family in the process ? And what do you do if its cold, raining, snowing, slippery or
if your item needs to be moved up or down stairs or around the back of your home, office or business?

We have the answer : If you do not want to deal with the hassle and potential hazards of lifting heavy
items or games, we offer the best and safest solution with our Nationwide Inside Delivery Program.
Upon delivery, our drivers will deliver and move your purchase inside your location anywhere within
the ground floor of location, and will then remove all packaging, if requested. We can also arrange
for delivery of your purchase upstairs, downstairs or "around the back" for a slight additional charge !

* Please note that some games do require some assembly after delivery, which is not covered under our standard shipping contracts.

Curbside Delivery with Liftgate Service
is also available at a much lower cost for customers
who are aware of the factors involved with these types of deliveries, and are capable of handling the
moving of heavy games into their locations. Curbside shipping is also used for some of our "less heavy"
items like Countertop Videos - Please see our section below on Curbside Deliveries for information

Shipping prices shown below reflect the cost to ship individual items - If you are ordering 2 or more
of the same item, and those items ship from the same location at the same time, you will receive a generous discount from the standard one-piece shipping prices shown below.

Our shippers will contact you via phone at least 24 hours prior to the date of delivery to be sure
you will be at the shipping location and ready to accept your order - And if you are not available, they will
contact you again to setup another delivery date and time. If you have any specific shipping questions, either email us or contact Jay Fleming at 1-314-396-8500, Ext. 103, Mon-Fri, 9:00am-5:00pm (Eastern)


Nationwide Curbside Delivery with Liftgate Service  (48 Contiguous US States Only)

Curbside Delivery (Delivery to the curb of your business or home with Liftgate Service) is available
at a much lower cost than Inside Delivery for those customers who are aware of the factors and
potential hazards involved with these types of deliveries, and are capable (if needed) of handling
the moving of heavy and bulky items into their location without assistance from the truck driver.

Most (but not all) truck drivers may assist you in helping moving your purchase from the curbside
into your business, garage or home for a small tip ($10-$40) depending on if they have the time,
the weight of the product, how far your location is from the curbside, if they have a skid mover etc.

We also use FedEx Ground Shipping for some game upgrades and kits, and for smaller items
like touchscreen games, parts, accessories and other items that weigh less than 125 lbs.

For Customers in Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico : Shipping costs will normally be higher than
shown below. For all items than come with Free Shipping, the amount of our freight costs to
ship out a Free Shipping item within the Continental USA will deducted from your actual freight bill.


Nationwide Inside Delivery Service
  (48 Contiguous US States Only)

Most customers elect to choose Curbside Delivery to save on freight costs, but many consider
the Inside Delivery Service for very large, bulky or heavy items, or items going up or down stairways.

With this service, your items will arrive at your door and will be placed anywhere you wish on the ground floor of your location, and then all packaging will then be carted away if requested. We can also arrange to have your items delivered upstairs or downstairs, or "around the back" for a slight additional charge.

For Customers in Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico : Shipping costs will normally be higher than
shown below. For all items than come with Free Shipping, the amount of our freight costs to
ship out a Free Shipping item within the Continental USA will deducted from your actual freight bill.

Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance for the value of the order is mandatory on games we arrange shipping on.

Please remember that any damage to products are your responsibility after the game has
left the warehouse or shipping point, unless your games are properly insured, which then is
the full responsibility of the shipping company. In the unlikely event something goes wrong during
your delivery, we are here to assist you, and to help file a damage claim on your behalf if needed.


Shipment Tracking

When your game is shipped, if you request, we can send you a email with your freight carrier tracking number, which is used both by the shipper to keep track of your shipment. We can also provide you
with the name and phone number of the shipping company if you request, so you can contact them
if you have any questions about the status of your delivery. After obtaining your freight tracking number,
you may then trace freight shipment either with the carrier or some by using our
Online Tracking Form

Pre-Order and Pre-Delivery Checklist

Please visit our Game Pre-Delivery Checklist page for some important pre-shipping information.

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