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Andamiro | Andamiro Entertainment Catalog

Baseball Pro

Baseball Pitch and Bat Game

Optional Ticket Redemption

Baseball Pro Ticket Redemption Arcade Game From Andamiro

Baseball Pro Arcade Ticket Redemption Game Video Clip


Baseball Pro Arcade Ticket Redemption Game -
Baseball Pro Arcade is a giant pitch-and-bat baseball arcade game, where players controls a mini-baseball
bat and skillfully hit the baseballs rolling down a ramp !

A Play-by-Play Announcer adds to the fun and realism
of a real baseball game, while the colorful and vibrant cabinet side art makes this one profitable arcade game.

Players use a mounted metal baseball bat lever mounted
on the front of the game to "swing" at balls which are “pitched” to the player down the ramp in center field,
while aiming the balls to land in one of several targets
at the back of the game. These targets light up in either
green or red colors, to indicate how many bases the
player advances. "1-H" indicates a single base hit, 2-H
for double base hit and 3-H for triple base hit, or if they
are lucky and land the ball in the moving "Home Run" target, all players on the field score home runs ! But
if the player's ball lands in the "Out" target, they score
a out, and the game ends when the player gets 3 Outs.

Baseball Pro Ticket Redemption Game Features :

■ First New Arcade Baseball Game On Market In Years !
■ Mechanical Ball Pitcher Pitches Balls Down Center Ramp
■ Colorful Eye-Catching Baseball-Theme Cabinet Artwork
■ Easy To Play Game - Appeals To All Ages and Abilities
■ Realistic Front-Mounted Mini-Baseball Bat Controller
■ Adjustable Ticket Payouts + “Big Win” Ticket Jackpot
■ Coin Slot + Mech Plus Ticket Dispenser Included

  Baseball Pro Arcade Game Brochure

  Baseball Pro Arcade Service Manual

  Baseball Pro Arcade Factory Video

Optional Ticket Disperser - Add
Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion - Add $CALL

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty: Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
Players : 1 - 2 Player Mechanical Baseball Game

Baseball Pro Arcade Redemption Game Dimensions :
Height: 112", Width: 43.5", Depth: 93", Weight: 995 Lbs

Andamiro | Andamiro Entertainment Catalog

Pump it Up !
LX-XX Edition

20th Anniversary  PIU XX 55" Model

Video Arcade
Dance Machine

Pump It Up 20th Anniversary Edition Dance Arcade Machine -

<Pump It Up Infinity 2013 Dance Arcade Machine Game Video Clip


Pump It Up XX 20th Anniversary Edition Dance Arcade Machine - Pump It Up XX is Bigger, Better and LOUDER than any PIU before it ! The original Pump It Up, released in 1999, became a huge global success and
pop culture icon, which commands a very large and zealous fan base - With the new Pump It Up XX 20th Anniversary Game, Andamiro introduces several new features, like "Renewals" for Song / Step Difficulties
and over 100 "Reward Titles" - Both Renewals and Reward Titles are key parts of the new PIU game interface. Renewals allow players to continue (or "renew") their dance sessions where they left off,
and Reward Titles are titles assigned to a player’s
PIU User ID; like “Advanced,” “Specialist” or “Newbie,”
among many others. The PIU-XX even rocks a brand
new "Online Matchmaking System", which can match players of similar abilities from around the world !

The World’s #1 Dance Simulation Game celebrates over
20 years with a brand new, enhanced game interface which makes it easy to learn, fun to play but difficult to master, which encourages repeat plays and visits - And comes with tutorials for beginners so they can learn how to play quickly ! The 20th Anniversary PIU comes in
a very eye-catching cabinet with brilliant new light show upgrade, a large, crystal-clear, mesmerizing 55" High Definition HD Graphics Screen Display, (4) High-Output Speakers and (2) Massive Subwoofers, to offer players the very "best-in-class" sounds and the biggest song list ever for a new PIU release, with 100 + new songs and 500 + in total, the largest of any PIU ever ! Operators and fans can also expect new song updates six times a year. And the PIU-XX comes with a Integrated Camera System, and Andamiro's "Online Matchmaking System" to help connect players of similar abilities to challenge each
other ! Many game modes are available, including the
"Rival System", "Auto Velocity", "Random Train" + Rank modes, and language support includes English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean. Players also have the ability to purchase Andamiro's "AM.PASS" Player Cards
to keep track of their games, progress, scores and to
login to their own account - (10) Cards are included.

Pump It Up 20th Anniversary LX-XX Game Features

■ (2) Powerful Subwoofers and (4) Tweeter Speakers !
■ Powerful 1200 Watt Professional Sound Amplifier !
■ Large 55" HD Color Monitor + Bright Marquee Light Bar
■ Four (4) Modes of Play + "Easy Mode" for Beginners
■ Hip Hop, Dubstep, Techno Drum, Bass, Pop & More !
■ 100 + New Dance Songs - Over 500 Songs In Total !
■ New Integrated Camera System + RFID Card Reader
■ Online Matchmaking System Matches Like Players !
  Pump It Up XX Information Page

  Pump It Up XX Game Brochure

  Pump It Up XX Service Manual

  Pump It Up XX Factory Trailer 2

  Pump It Up XX New Song Samples

Optional AM PASS Player Cards - Add $CALL
Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion - Add $CALL

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty: Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements : 110 / 220 Volts | 1200 Watts
Monitor : 55" HD Widescreen Color Display
Players : 1 to 2 Player Dance Video Arcade Game

Pump It Up 20th Anniversary LX-XX Model Dimensions :
Height: 94", Width: 80", Depth: 66", Weight: 1112 Lbs
    (Plus Add 6" - 18" Space From Cabinet End to Steps) 

Andamiro | Andamiro Entertainment Catalog


Quick Coin
Ticket / Card Redemption Arcade Game

SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade Quick Coin Ticket Redemption Game From Andamiro

Teeter Totter Castle Videmption Arcade Game Video Clip


SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade Quick Coin Ticket
and Card Redemption Game -
The highly entertaining SpongeBob's Pineapple Arcade is a Token + Card Pusher Arcade Game which the player rolls their tokens down
a playfield into moving pineapple targets, which drops tokens, cards, and bonus tokens onto the playfield in
order for players to collect cards and win tickets !

SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade Token Pusher Game features collectible game cards around the playfield,
which players try to knock off the tray to collect points.
There are (9)  SpongeBob Player Cards for players to
collect, including SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Mr. Krabs, Sandy Cheeks, Pearl Krabs, Larry the Lobster, Gary the Snail, and Plankton! Players can trade cards for tickets, or hold them until
hey collect all (9) cards for the Super Ticket Bonus !

The SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade Game is one of the highest earning arcade games in the market today, and features characters from the world famous "SpongeBob SquarePants" franchise. The cabinet features colorful SpongeBob characters, plus a SpongeBob Marquee,
LED Lights, Bonus Wheel, Targets and Card Dispenser.

This great coin pusher s fun for all ages, and collectible cards keep players coming back again and again !

  SpongeBob Pineapple Game Brochure

  SpongeBob Pineapple Service Manual

  SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade Video

Optional Ticket Disperser (Each) - Add
Optional Playing Cards (Case Of 1500) - Add $CALL
Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion - Add $CALL

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty: Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
Players : 1 - 2 Player Ticket Redemption Machine

SpongeBob Pineapple Redemption Game Dimensions :
Height: 99", Width: 69", Depth: 36", Weight: 838 Lbs

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