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Andamiro | Andamiro Entertainment Catalog


Quick Coin
Ticket / Card Redemption Arcade Game

SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade Quick Coin Ticket Redemption Game From Andamiro

Teeter Totter Castle Videmption Arcade Game Video Clip


SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade Quick Coin Ticket
and Card Redemption Game -
The highly entertaining SpongeBob's Pineapple Arcade is a Token + Card Pusher Arcade Game which the player rolls their tokens down
a playfield into moving pineapple targets, which drops tokens, cards, and bonus tokens onto the playfield in
order for players to collect cards and win tickets !

SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade Token Pusher Game features collectible game cards around the playfield,
which players try to knock off the tray to collect points.
There are (9)  SpongeBob Player Cards for players to
collect, including SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles, Mr. Krabs, Sandy Cheeks, Pearl Krabs, Larry the Lobster, Gary the Snail, and Plankton! Players can trade cards for tickets, or hold them until
hey collect all (9) cards for the Super Ticket Bonus !

The SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade Game is one of the highest earning arcade games in the market today, and features characters from the world famous "SpongeBob SquarePants" franchise. The cabinet features colorful SpongeBob characters, plus a SpongeBob Marquee,
LED Lights, Bonus Wheel, Targets and Card Dispenser.

This great coin pusher s fun for all ages, and collectible cards keep players coming back again and again !

  SpongeBob Pineapple Game Brochure

  SpongeBob Pineapple Service Manual

  SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade Video

Optional Ticket Disperser (Each) - Add $CALL
Optional Playing Cards (Case Of 1500) - Add $CALL
Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion - Add $CALL

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty: Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
Players : 1 - 2 Player Ticket Redemption Machine

SpongeBob Pineapple Redemption Game Dimensions :
Height: 99", Width: 36", Depth: 69", Weight: 838 Lbs

Jennison Games / Jennison Entertainment Technologies

The Vegas

6 Player
Coin Pusher

Coin, Token
or Ticket Out
Pusher Game

The Vegas Sensation Coin Pusher Redemption Game From Jennison Entertainment / Betson Enterprises

The Vegas Sensation Coin Pusher Game Video Clip


The Vegas Sensation Coin Redemption Game -
The Glitz and Glamour Of The Strip ! The Las Vegas Sensation Quick Coin Redemption Game by Jennison Entertainment Technologies continues to wow the
coin-operated industry! This very attractive 6-playe
coin pusher comes with so much sparkle and lights,
it deserves the Vegas moniker ! The eye-catching
Rotating Neon Light Marquee Top is standard and it
also features 3 operator adjustable matrix displays.

The object of Vegas Sensation is to time the release of your coin so that it falls into the Roulette Bonus wheel
and stops the rotating light on a certain value of tickets.
If the player gets the timing perfect, they will win the Jackpot Bonus. This bonus is operator adjustable and
is displayed on the overhead-rotating marquee.

Vegas Sensation Coin Pusher Game Features:

Simple Roulette Style Bonus
(6) Ticket Dispensers with Coin Payout Option
(6) LED Payout Displays (1 Per Player)
ICT Coin Hoppers
▪ Electronic Tilt and Theft Alarms
Jackpot Bonus with Operator Adjustable Settings

* The Vegas Sensation Coin Pusher is available
configured as either Coin / Token In > Ticket Out, Coin In > Coin Out or Coin In > Token Out - Please specify model required at the time of your order

  The Vegas Sensation Game Brochure

  The Vegas Sensation Game Video

Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion - Add $CALL

Product Condition
: Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty
: Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements
: 110 Volts | Optional 220V  
Monitor : (2) 22" LCD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitors
Players :  1 - 6 Player Quick Coin Redemption Game

The Vegas Sensation Coin Pusher Game Dimensions :
Height: 114", Width: 72", Depth: 72", Weight: 1201 Lbs

Elaut Amusements Belgium / Elaut USA Redemption Arcade Games

Wizard Of Oz Token Pusher

6 Player Model

Prize Coin / Card
Token Pusher
Redemption Game

The Wizard Of Oz 6 Player Coin Token Pusher Redemption Game

 Top Income Generating Pusher In The Market !!

Wizard Of Oz Token Pusher - Kiosk Model Video Clip
(Shows Video Of Similar WOZ Kiosk Model)


The Wizard Of Oz 6 Player Prize Coin & Card Token Pusher - HIGH EARNING "Wizard Of Oz" movie-themed
Player fully automatic Prize Coin & Card Token Pushers
are a completely new type of token to prize redemption game
with new ideas and addicting gameplay !

The Wizard of Oz Token Pusher combines high-quality manufacturing and design with extremely high-earning potential ! Players receive a credit of tokens by inserting coins or bills displayed on the display in the centre of the playfield, then try to align the arm by using the joystick
to move the arm in its desired position, and then launch
the tokens by pushing a button (Rapid play permitted by keeping the button pressed in) The suspense of the gameplay is enhanced by a neat bonus feature that returns from 5 to 50 extra tokens ! Players try to push
as many points and cards off the playfield as fast as
they can, and try to get as many points as they can !

Operators set their own redemption value for both the
red and green prize chips, and the prize cards. Many
locations offer a added ticket or prize redemption bonus
if players collect and redeem all (10) different prize cards!

And operators are absolutely amazed at The Wizard of Oz's eye-catching and colorful cabinet, addicting game
play and HUGE profit potential - Many operators report
a full return on their investment in 3 months or less !

Wizard Of Oz 6 Player Models comes complete with
Global Coin Comparator + Bill Acceptor + 1500 / 3000 Green & Red Chips, and 4 / 7 Card Decks (150 Per Deck)

  Wizard Of Oz Token Pusher Brochure

Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA) - $ 350 Per Player
Optional Prize Cards - Bar Coded (1500) - Add $350
Optional Red & Green Prize Chips (3000) - Add $395

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements : 110 Volts | 220 Volts

Players :  1 - 6 Player Themed Coin Pusher Game

The Wizard Of Oz 6 Player Coin Pusher Dimensions :
Height: 91", Width: 74", Depth: 70.5", Weight: 1445 Lbs

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