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 Nexus Countertop / Upright Touchscreen Bar Video Games  |  NEXUS Multiple Gaming System

Nexus Multiple Game System Logo From Coastal Amusements

 Nexus Upright Touchscreen Bar Video Game System From Coastal Amusements       Nexus Countertop Touchscreen Video Arcade Bar Game System From Coastal Amusements          Nexus Upright Touchscreen Bar Video Game System From Coastal Amusements

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All NEXUS Countertop and Upright Models come with 43 Games in the
Base (S0) "Amusement Only" Video Arcade Game Pack which includes :

1 Ching Reader  |  11 Heaven  |  Aces Across  |  Blocki  |  Bonus 21  |  Double Dare  |  Double Play  |   Drop Zone  |  Flip 21  |  Foto Falls
 Foto Found  |  Gopher Golf  |  Gran' Ma Jong  | Hi-Lo  |  I Ching Reader  |  Jack Attack  |  Jail Cell  |  King's Kastles  |  Leap Frog
Marathon  |  Pathfinder  |  Photo Jigsaw Jane  |  Pick 5 Poker  |  Picture This  |  Poker Strip Show  |  Quick Draw Poker  |  Roulette
Raining Rummy  |  Run Em Around  |  Star Scope  |  Strip Tease Trivia  |  Sweep 21  |  Tarot Tales  |  Teed Off  |  Texas Hold 'Em 
Three x 3  |  Trivia Bingo  |  Video Jigsaw Jane  |  Who Me?  |  Wizard's Draw Poker  |  Wizard's Solitaire  |  Wizard's Trivia  |  Zoomoree

NEXUS (S1) Bar Pack Upgrade includes all of the above (S0) Base Games
plus these 8 Liner and 20 Liner Video Slot Machine Games :

Fortune Hunter  |  Jungle Jive  |  Pharaohs' Revenge  |  Tutti Frutti
 New York, New York   |  Rich Man, Poor Man  | Mother Nature

The above games, which are not included with the (S0) "Amusement Only" Base Model have the addition of the
"Take All Option" on-screen button that erases all credits earned on these games for player prize payout purposes.

NEXUS (S2) Bar Pack Upgrade includes all the (S0) Games plus the (S1) Upgrade
plus these Video Poker Machine, Video Blackjack and Video Roulette Games :

Poker Strip Show  |  Pick 5 Poker  |  Hi Lo Poker  |  Double Dare Poker
Wizards Draw Poker   |  Roulette  |  Bonus 21 Blackjack  |  Pirates Revenge

Thee above games, which are included with the (S0) "Amusement Only" Base Model come with the addition of the
"Take All Option" on-screen player button that erases all credits earned on these games for player prize payout purposes.

Screenshots of various games that come with the NEXUS Countertop Touchscreen Game 
Please note that SLINGO Game are no longer available in the NEXUS Gaming System

Wizard's Trivia, Foto Falls, Raining Rummy, Star Scope, Wiz Draw Poker, Tarot Tales, Wizard's Solitaire, Photo Jigsaw Jane, Who Me, Zoomoree, Kings Castgle and 11 Heaven Video Games For NEXUS Countertop and Upright Touchscreens

Marathon, Run Em Around, I Ching Reader, Video Jigsaw Jane, Foto Found, Poker Strip Show, Sweep 21, Aces Across, Three X 3 X3,  Picture This, Flip 21, Strip Tease Trivia Video Games For NEXUS Countertop and Upright Touchscreens

Double Play, Quick Draw Poker, Jack Attack, Leap Frog, Pathfinder, Granma Jong, Blocki, Pick 5 Poker, Hi-Lo, Jail Cell, Teed Off, Drop Zone Video Games For NEXUS Countertop and Upright Touchscreens

Lucky Numbers, Bonus 21, Trivia Bingo, Classic Slingo, 5 Card Slingo, Kenoka Slingo, Slingo Bumper, Slingo Match Ums, Double Dare, Slingo Word Race, Slingo Lucky Stars, Slingo 2 Hand Poker Video Games For NEXUS Countertop and Upright Touchscreens

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For more information about NEXUS ? Countertop Touchscreen Video Games, contact BMI Gaming
anytime from 6am to 5pm Eastern Time at 1-800-746-2255 | 1-561-391-7200 or
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