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   Give a wonderful Holiday, Birthday, Family, Client or Employee Recognition gift !  

Commercial-quality arcade games, video games or sports games make for a unforgettable, extremely entertaining, highly unique and everlasting gift or present for anyone from 5 to 75 in your life or business -
And BMIGaming Gift Certificates offer a way to give that special someone a very cool gift that not only will they never forget, but one that is highly visible and will provides years of good times and fond memories!

Perfect for celebrating very special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, recognizing milestone life events or achievements, and to show special appreciation to your important VIP's or clients, along with making a unique way reward employees, or for use as sales incentives, prizes or in contests.

Gift Certificates are a also great idea if you are not sure what type of game would be right for the
person or project you have in mind - By giving them a Gift Certificate, they simply
visit our website, pick out the specific game they want, and we will handle all the details from there,
or they can contact us via phone, chat, email or Skype for personalized game selection assistance.
You can also add a personal message along with our stylish Gift Certificate, and we  then deliver it
direct to you, or to the gift recipient via email, mail, FedEx or fax, usually within 1 to 2 business days.

Our Gift Certificates come in standard denominations of $ 500, $ 750, $ 1000, $ 1500, $ 2000, $ 3000,
$4000, $5000
and $
10,000 amounts, or can be
customized for any amount you wish to give, and
valid for (2) Years from the Date of Issuance - And can be combined with any BMI Sale or Discount !

Buying a Gift Certificate is quick and easy : Click on the order link below, tell us where, when and
how you would like your Certificate to be delivered, add a personal message (optional), and you are done.

Need Help ?
Please call us at
(800) 746-2255 (USA / Canada) or at + 561.391.7200 (International)
or anytime via email or
contact your BMIGaming Sales for more information

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