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JVL iTouch 11 Software Release  |  New and Previously Released Games List

JVL iTouch 11 Software  |   New Games Added  (For Encore Model Only)

Gone Carting HD  |   Monster Mash HD  |  Monster Truck HD

Pirate Madness HD  |  Texas Hold' Em HD  |  Zoozle HD  |  Erotic WTD 

Big Tacki HD  |  Bonbon Delux HD2  |  Fortune Taipai HD  |  Kick 11's HD

Click on the big arrow below to view a short Video Preview Clip of the new
JVL Encore + JVL iTouch 11 HD2 Software New Games Preview in action !


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JVL iTouch 11 Software  |   New Games Added  (For Vortex Model Only)

Kick 11's  |  Big Tacki   |  Under Water Mess  |  Gone Ice Fishing

iTouch 11 Software   |    Previously Released iTouch 10 Games Included  (For All Models)

Over 150 Video Games Included With The 2010 JVL iTouch 11 Software Release !

Cards GamesAction GamesPuzzle Games
Click Here For Card Game DetailsClick Here For Action Game Details  Click Here For Puzzle Game Details

Black Jack
Castle Poker
Classic Solitaire
Draw Poker

Flush 21
Free Cell
Heart Attack
Jokers Wild
Loco 8's
Pick 2
Pick 3
Pick 21
Power Pick 21

Power Towers
Pyramid Runs
Racing 11's
Slot 21
Suits & Pairs
Taipei Towers
Texas Hold'em
Texas Hold'em Limit Poker
Texas Hold'em No Limit
Texas Showdown
Triple Towers

Air Hockey
Beach Volleyball 
Block'em Up
Bonbon Factory
Bonbon Hard Candy

Bubble Up
Bumper Wars 
Candy Store
Count Your Fingers 
Crazy Quarters
Done Drinking
Done Drinking Too

Fast Food
Gone Fishing
Gone Bowling
Gone Eggstreme
Golden Cue
Hooked on Fishing

Knock Out
Magic Hoops
Mmmm... Munchies
Monster Mash
Monkey Around 
Rush in Attack
Silver Cue
Shuffleboard Galleon
Shoot The Monkey 
Slap Shot

Street Racing 
The Wall
Xtreme Racing

1 on 1
Color Drops
Eye Twister
Fortune Taipei
Free Cell
Jigsaw Puzzle
Last Call
Matching Pairs
Mine Sweeper
Mission Impossible
Rush Hour
Seat 21
Solitaire in Rock

Treasure Hunt
What A Mess 
What's the Difference
Wild Dice


Strategy GamesQuiz GamesTriathlon  Games
Click Here For Strategy Game DetailsClick Here For Quiz Game DetailsClick for Triathlon Game Details

2 Tacki
Bingo Star
Color Invasion
Cosmi Checkers
Getta Line
Join 11
Pirate Madness
Reality Tycoon

Sum Fun
Three Color
Virus Attack

1 on 1 At a Glance
At a Glance
Clock Teasers
Double Quiz
Hot Links
Pig Latin


Magic Spell
Word Builder
Word Chase
Word Master
Word Maze

Bling Bling
Going, Going, Done
Memories of Taipei
Mexican Hearts
Mixed Bag
Night Out
Sharp Shooter
Smart Ass
Snake Eyes
Sport Nuts
Tacki Pirates
Treasure Island
Triple Run
Wild Words

Erotic Games
( All Erotic Games can be easily and quickly turned on or off as needed by user or operator )
Click Here For Erotic Game Details
1 on 1 Peep Show Jigsaw Puzzle Suits & Pairs Erotic
2 Tacki Erotic Matching Pairs Sum Fun Erotic
Bomb ShellPeep Show The Difference
Bubble BathSex TypeTile-a-Babe
Carnal KnowledgeSeXonixDone Drinking Adult 
Erotic WTD Strip Poker

Triple Tease


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