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         JVL iTouch10 Software Information Page                          

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Please Note That All JVL Touchscreen Games Now Ship With The New iTouch 11 Software !

We will be adding information on the new games that come with iTouch 11 Shortly !

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Action Games  |  Card Games  |   Erotic Games  |  Puzzle Games  |  Quiz Games  |  Triathlon Games  |  Strategy Games

JVL iTouch10 Software Game Lineup

155 Games in 7 Exciting Game Categories ! 
= New with iTouch10 2008




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Black Jack
Castle Poker
Classic Solitaire
Draw Poker

Flush 21
Free Cell
Heart Attack
Jokers Wild
Loco 8's
Pick 2
Pick 3
Pick 21
Power Pick 21

Power Towers
Pyramid Runs
Racing 11's
Slot 21
Suits & Pairs
Taipei Towers
Texas Hold'em
Texas Hold'em Limit Poker
Texas Hold'em No Limit
Texas Showdown
Triple Towers

Air Hockey
Beach Volleyball 
Block'em Up
Bonbon Factory
Bonbon Hard Candy

Bubble Up
Bumper Wars 
Candy Store
Count Your Fingers 
Crazy Quarters
Done Drinking
Done Drinking Too

Fast Food
Gone Fishing
Gone Bowling
Gone Eggstreme
Golden Cue
Hooked on Fishing

Knock Out
Magic Hoops
Mmmm... Munchies
Monster Mash
Monkey Around 
Rush in Attack
Silver Cue
Shuffleboard Galleon
Shoot The Monkey 
Slap Shot

Street Racing 
The Wall
Xtreme Racing

1 on 1
Color Drops
Eye Twister
Fortune Taipei
Free Cell
Jigsaw Puzzle
Last Call
Matching Pairs
Mine Sweeper
Mission Impossible
Rush Hour
Seat 21
Solitaire in Rock

Treasure Hunt
What A Mess 
What's the Difference
Wild Dice





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2 Tacki
Bingo Star
Color Invasion
Cosmi Checkers
Getta Line
Join 11
Pirate Madness
Reality Tycoon

Sum Fun
Three Color
Virus Attack

1 on 1 At a Glance
At a Glance
Clock Teasers
Double Quiz
Hot Links
Pig Latin


Magic Spell
Word Builder
Word Chase
Word Master
Word Maze

Bling Bling
Going, Going, Done
Memories of Taipei
Mexican Hearts
Mixed Bag
Night Out
Sharp Shooter
Smart Ass
Snake Eyes
Sport Nuts
Tacki Pirates
Treasure Island
Triple Run
Wild Words

Erotic Games
( All Erotic Games can be easily and quickly turned on or off as needed by user or operator )

Click Here For Erotic Game Details

Players can now LOOK, TOUCH and FEEL that their vote counts with JVL's on-line Erotic Club that features stunning
models from that are simply irresistible. With JVL's patent pending voting feature, a selection of hot models
 will  be provided so players can vote on who they want IN and who they want OUT. At the end of the year, all of the
player's votes across the world are tabulated and then " Miss iTouch 2006 " will be chosen and crowned !
1 on 1 Peep Show Jigsaw Puzzle Suits & Pairs Erotic
2 Tacki Erotic Matching Pairs Sum Fun Erotic
Bomb ShellPeep Show The Difference
Bubble BathSex TypeTile-a-Babe
Carnal KnowledgeSeXonixDone Drinking Adult 
Erotic WTD Strip Poker

Triple Tease


 All Erotic Games can be quickly removed from all game menus for family environments !

? Flash Memory Card
? Custom-made PC Board
? Adjustable Game Settings
USB Capability
? Online Management Software
? iTouch10 Software with over 155 + Games !
? Touch and Win Tournament Ready (iTouchNet)
? Customizable Advertising Screens
? Mars or CashCode Bill Validator
? Large Capacity Coin Box
? Built-In Internal Modem
One Year Factory Warranty + Our 2 Year Free Warranty !

  To get more info and to order any JVL ? Game above, please click here for pricing !


JVL Coin-Op Machines

JVL touchscreen video games are a state-of-the-art machines which use cutting edge hardware. All JVL countertops including the Eclipse and Orion come with Flash Memory Technology - There is no hard drive, no CD ROM and NO moving parts at all, making it the most reliable countertop game on the market today! A modem is also a standard feature with these sleek, attractive and compact devices,
along with JVL's newest and latest software collection, iTouch 10 !!!

With JVL's flexible iTouch10 software, you can easily customize game settings, including turning on or off "free-play (for home users) and controlling up to ten advertising screens, erotic settings and time settings. The Vortex, Eclipse and Orion are also designed to allow for
easy collection and simple service access. The coin boxes have an
especially large capacity to help collect and hold your profits

JVL games are also iTouchNet ready - which is our unique internet online tournament system that is easy to run and easy to operate! Players can play for bragging rights or for fabulous prizes. And JVL's

online Net Challenge and local in-house systems will let you run
your own show - you decide on the game, the prizes and the timing.

is a proven winner - players want to play and get online!

JVL continuously reinvests in R&D to develop the latest and greatest new game content, and are involved in all stages of game design,
from conception to final product. Their high manufacturing standards help keep your game up and running, and ensures you high profits!

  To get more info and to order any JVL ? Game above, please click here for pricing !


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Why buy your JVL Countertop Video Game from BMIGaming ?

We are the innovators and leaders in the arcade gaming industry !


BMIGaming was the first to specialize in offering commercial-grade arcade games to both business and residential customers the web on a worldwide basis - And the first to offer our clients nationwide "White Glove" inside arcade game delivery and nationwide on-site service. And the first to offer free electronics warranties and optional extended game warranties. And the first to offer free lifetime technical support on all games. And the first in the industry to be
certified by the National Better Business Bureau Online Reliability Program. And the only firm
in the history of the coin-op industry to qualify for the prestigious INC Magazine Top 500 List
of the fastest growing private firms in America. And the only firm in the coin-op industry that actively tracks customer satisfaction, with a current 99.4% Customer Approval Rating.

("Approval" : Customers who would both highly recommend us to others and who would definitely buy from us again)

At BMI Gaming, we truly value each and every customer relationship. When it comes
to customer service, customer satisfaction, technical support, game repair, game selection, game information and vendor trust, BMI Gaming is the leader in the coin-op gaming industry!

We offer our clients a vast amount
of game and product information, along with a large collection of current game brochures, manuals and pictures, plus clearly defined, fair and honest store policies and extensive company information to be found anywhere in the world.

Want know more before you buy? We offer all of our customers tons of information about
our firm
and our products and services our website, but we also love to speak with current
and potential clients as well ! Why not give us a call and decide for yourself why BMI Gaming
is recognized by major publications as the leader in arcade gaming entertainment products ?

For more information about JVL Touchscreen Video Games, please contact
BMI Gaming
at 1-866-527-1362 | 1-314-396-8500  or Contact Us Via Inquiry Form

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