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Home Racing Simulator Pro Racing Arcade Game   |   Information Page 

OK Manufacturing / O.K. Manufacturing Bulk and Gumball Vending Games

Pro Racing Simulator

THX Certified
Home Gaming Simulator


Free Play


Home Racing Pro Racing / Driving Simulator - Standard / Base Model

Home Racing Simulator Pro Racing Video Game Machine | HRSPro | HRS Pro | Deluxe Model

Game Only Available In Red Color
Game Shown With Optional Installed Monitor Above

Go Ballistic Redemption Arcade Game Video Clip
(Shows Factory-Produced Video)

$ 3975 !

$ 4675 !
$ 6075 !
Super Deluxe

Home Pro Racing Simulator Arcade Machine - Sit back and relax in your very comfortable, real soft-leather seat and enjoy a totally immersive and realistic racing or flying environment in the first simulator system created and designed specially for home and residential use !

Enjoy all the latest racing, driving or other games for the PC, Xbox and PS platforms, while experiencing the most intense and exhilarating virtual simulation available ! 

The Home Pro Racing Simulator comes in (3) Models :
The "Standard" Model (shown at top left) comes with
a THX Certified 1000 Watt Quad Amplifier and Digital 5.1 Surround Sound System, (3) Digital Sound Speakers, (1) Subwoofer, (3)
Rumble Seat Shakers, (1) Adjustable Custom Black Hunsaker Racing Seat and (1) Pair Of Adjustable Gas & Shift Pedals, (1) Monitor Stand, (1)
Top-mounted Keyboard Tray (if using with a PC), along with RCA, Digital + Optical Jacks for external sound.

The "Deluxe" Model comes with all of the above features, plus a complete Console Package including (1) Xbox 360 Console Game Station + (1) Xbox Wireless Steering Wheel

The "Super Deluxe" Models come with all of the above features, plus a 42" Vizio HD Plasma Flat Screen Monitor

With its immersive sound stage, it creates the perfect atmosphere for gaming, whether speeding through a checked flag while driving at Daytona, flying stealth bombers over the desert, or in the middle of a shootout!  With a powerful 10" subwoofer behind your seat, plus
5 front and rear multiplexed speakers, you *are* right in
the middle of the action on the race track, or whatever other games you choose to play on your new machine!!
Best experienced with a large (36"-42") Dedicated Plasma or LCD monitor, it can also be connected to and placed in front of any existing flat panel or projector in your home !

Home Pro Racing Information Page

  Home Racing Pro Factory Video Clip 

Optional Xbox360 Wireless Wheel - Add $175
Optional PS3 / PC Logitech G25 Wheel - Add $325
Optional 42" Vizio Plasma Flat Screen - Add $1475
Optional Kick Butt PC - Add $1575
Optional 220 Volt Operation - Add $275

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty :
Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements :
110 Volts |  220V Optional
Players :  1 Player Racing / Flight Simulator Machine

Home Pro Racing Simulator Machine Dimensions :
Height: 32" Width: 31", Depth: 42", Weight: Call   



Home Racing Simulator Pro Racing Video Game Machine | HRSPro | HRS Pro | Deluxe Model

Shown with Optional Monitor Above - Now Only Available In Red Color Cabinet

Customized Race Car Seat
22" Racing Seat Height
Adjustable Positioning
simulator showing 5.1 speaker locations
Feedback Control Panel
Logitech Audio Receiver unit
Leather Hunsaker Racing Seat w/Built-In Speakers and Rumbler
Realistic Seating So  You No Longer Have to Sit on the Floor !
Adjustable Pedals  Seat Accommodate Most Sized Rides !
5.1 Dolby Surround Sound Audio with 1000 Watts of Power
Fine Tuning with Individual Audio Feedback Controls
Instant Access to Audio Functions Via Control Unit

Imagine sliding into the cockpit of a Formula F1 race car with over 750 horses under the hood. You scream around the track at 220 MPH. Your body is rocked by the intense vibrations of the motor. You hug each curve tightly as your custom seat does its best to keep you from being thrown out. You reach to your side and shift into 6th gear- you're screaming now as you push the gas pedal through the floor.
THIS is how you should feel when you race. THIS is how the HRS Pro puts you inside the game!

On the Track and Streets :

You've spent months tricking out your new ride. You've got the horsepower, you've got the accessories and trim. You've got all of the custom parts and you want to feel it. The other cars rev their engines all around you and the adrenaline pumps through you. The car shakes like it's about to fall apart and you're being rocked with the intensity - then you slam it into first and squeal off the line as you're being plowed into the back of your seat. You grip the wheel with white knuckles as you swerve in front of a competitor, narrowly cutting him off. You crush the clutch and slam it into second as you eye the first corner up ahead. The sound of the guy you just passed comes roaring up from the rear left side of the car- he's catching up. You block the pass as you drift around the first corner at 92 MPH. THIS is how you should feel when you race. THIS is how the HRS Pro Home Racing Video Simulator puts you inside the game!

In The Air, Space, Field or Battle :

Whether you're into Halo, Madden, Half Life, Warcraft, Fight Night, Hitman or ANY other type of game, you're going to be floored when you play in the HRS Pro. This machine rocks you with every hit.
You are 100% surrounded within the game environment, thanks to the SIX Dolby 5.1 speakers that
point all around you, coupled with HRS's super-powerful subwoofer system and seat shaker motors.
A normal game turns into an extraordinary game. THIS is how the HRS puts you inside ANY game!

Home Pro Racing Simulator Video Game Machine | HRSPro

Home Pro Racing Simulator Video Game Machine | HRSPro

Home Pro Racing Simulator Video Game Machine | HRSPro

Home Racing Pro Simulator Arcade Machine -  With the new Home Pro Racing Simulator Arcade Machine, you can finally enjoy all the latest racing and driving games on the market for Xbox, Xbox 360? , PS/3 and PC platforms like Project Gotham Racing, Need For Speed Underground, Grand Theft Auto, NASCAR, Gran Turismo, The Fast and The Furious, plus many more, and with a quick change of the
steering wheel for a flight yoke, awesome flight simulator programs, all in the very first high-definition
video arcade game racing simulation system created specifically for the residential market, and totally designed for a completely immersive and awesomely realistic racing environment within its top-quality commercial-grade industrial metal cabinet and housing built for years of carefree fun and excitement !
The Home Pro Racing Simulator comes with a unique THX-certified, 1000-watt
5.1 Digital Surround Sound System that offers everything you could possibly want? and then some! All controls are adjustable right from the comfort of your custom
black Hunsaker Racing Seat - So you will enjoy the most intense and exhilarating racing experience ever possible with your new Home Pro Racing Simulator, and
for that matter, a totally radical gaming experience, no matter what type of other
video games (flying, fighting, shooting, kids, etc) you play! And amazingly powerful sound controls like the Digital SoundTouch? Control Center lets you manage
volume to all speakers (bass shaker units are controlled separately) and more!

You can simultaneously connect up to five other audio sources, including other console games,
personal computers, DVD players, CD players or iPod's - and control them all from the centrally
located Digital SoundTouch? Control Center, so your Home Pro Racing Simulator can pull
"double-duty" and actually be used as your DIGITAL SURROUND HOME MUSIC CENTER !!!

With its immersive sound stage, it creates the absolute perfect atmosphere for gaming, whether you
are speeding through a checked flag while driving at Daytona, flying stealth bombers over the desert
on a bombing run, or in the middle of a shootout with terrorists in Houston. With its very powerful 10" subwoofer behind your seat, 3 front speakers, and multiple multiplexed rear speakers, you *are*
right in the middle of the action on the race track or any other game you choose to play on it!

It is unlike anything you have ever experienced in gaming, and you have to feel it in person to believe it !!

And at full volume, the system pumps out an astounding 115 decibels
of clean sound! In fact, the system can be turned up so loud (if you wish), that some BMI Gaming employees have even worn racing helmets and gloves for added realism, and yet hear everything like in a real race car!
Feel your seat, steering wheel, and pedals pulsate with realistic vibration action! You have full vibration control with 3 modules located at various locations on the unit - plus you can sit back and enjoy a true movie cinema experience with this unit by watching Hollywood blockbusters with full and accurate Dolby Digital Surround Sound while relaxing in your adjustable seat - Or even enjoy your favorite CDs and DVD's from the comforts of your racing seat. You can also hook up headphones for a private audio experience and still be able to enjoy the deep bass sound of the audio. The Simulator also comes with a "hideaway" keyboard platform for use with PC-based games and software - One of our clients even uses his simulator for daytrading... if you can believe it! (with the help of his keyboard located on the included "hideaway" remote keyboard platform and his attached PC)



Home Pro Racing Simulator Sound System features:  (All Models)

THX? Certification : The absolute "seal of approval" for studio-quality speakers. It is the highest assurance that our speakers accurately recreate the full sonic experience of a actual movie theater.
The system used in the Home Pro Racing Simulator is one of a select few speaker systems in the
world that meets the rigid standards for unparalleled THX-Quality Approved Sound.

Dolby? Digital 5.1 Support : Xbox?, Xbox360?, PlayStation? 2, cable, satellite TV, and HDTV's all
use Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Our unit includes a hardware-based Dolby Digital 5.1 digital
decoder for full, rich, alive and interactive surround sound!

DTS? Digital Surround : Delivers 5.1 digital sound that rivals master soundtracks. DTS soundtracks are included in many DVD videos, DVD Audio discs, and some Xbox? and PlayStation? 2 games. Our unit includes a hardware-based DTS digital decoder for master-quality sound, and also includes support for
DTS 96/24, an enhanced, higher-resolution, studio format available on many DVD video and audio discs

Powerful, Distortion-Free Bass:
The large 10-inch, long-throw subwoofer driver with flared bass port delivers almost
200 watts of thunderous bass, and coupled with the 3 hi-powered, super-low bass response "seat shakers makes
this the ultimate home driving simulator, and with this very powerful system in place, you can create sound pressure
levels approaching that of actual in-car racing experience (>115 decibels) if you so choose!

Auto Digital Equalization : Actively adjusts frequency response in real time for the cleanest, most accurate sound reproduction.

Ultra-linear, high-capacity analog. Signal to noise ratio: >93.5 dB, typical 100 Input impedance: 8,000 ohms. Hardware decoding for Dolby? Digital, DTS?, and DTS?, 96/24 soundtracks, Dolby Pro Logic II (Movie and Music modes).
6 Channel Direct. Stereo (x2). Supported digital formats: Dolby Digital, DTS and DTS 96/24, PCM (uncompressed stereo): 44.1 kHz / 16 bit through 96 kHz / 24 bit

Source Inputs:
Digital optical Xbox?, Xbox30 PlayStation? 2, DVD or CD players with digital outputs. Digital coaxial for DVD or CD players or PC sound cards (requires coaxial cable, sold separately) 6 channel direct (3 stereo-mini connectors) for 2, 4, or 6 channel PC sound cards OR 6 channel direct (3 stereo-mini connectors) for 3 stereo analog mini audio sources, like iPod's, CD and DVD players. Analog stereo-mini (on side panel of control center) for portable CD, MP3,or MiniDisc? players

Home Pro Racing Simulator Arcade Machine Features : (All Models)

Base System with Optional Steering Wheel + Pedals, configured for your choice of Xbox, Xbox 360?, PS/3, or PC Hookup
Optional New Factory Sealed Xbox 360? Console with Hi-Def 1080i output, Project Gotham Racing and Bonus Game
Optional New Factory Sealed 42" LCD Widescreen HDTV 1080i
Free Bonus "Hideaway" PC Keyboard Stand for dual use with a computer (PC)
Free Bonus "Plasma Cowl"  for use with 42" Plasma and LCD Flat Screen monitors

Game Features:

Fully Adjustable Black Custom Professional Hunsaker Racing Seat
Fully Adjustable Steering Wheel, Gas Pedals and Brake Pedestal Stands
(4) THX-Certified Digital Class Amplifiers with 1000 + Watts Of Audio Power
(3) Bass Seat Rumblers with Adjustable Car Vibration Level Controls
(1) 10" Long Throw Subwoofer
Digital SoundTouch? Control Center with customizable Dolby Digital Controls for personalized sound stages
Microsoft Wireless Xbox360 Racing Wheel supplied for all Xbox360 Models (suitable for all ages and all sizes)
Logitech G25 Force Feedback Steering Wheel supplied for all PS/3 & PC Models (suitable for all ages and all sizes)
Never becomes obsolete, and can use all new and existing PC's and gaming systems!
Easily adaptable to include flight yokes, joysticks, game pads and guns for use with other video games
Can be easily moved anywhere in your house - Plus can use all your existing TV, Plasma or LCD displays!

While the Home Pro Racing Simulator Arcade Machine is best experienced with a large (36"to 45") Dedicated
Plasma monitor as displayed in the photo above, it can also be connected to and placed in front of any existing
CRT TV, LCD or Plasma Monitor, or Projector Screen in your home, office or business.

Custom colors and other customizations are also available - Please contact us for details!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Home Pro Racing Simulator :

Q: How does the Home Pro Simulator work?

A: The Home Pro Racing Simulator is designed to supply you with state of the art sound, seating, sensation and positioning for a real life game experience. By simulating a real-life cockpit through seating, surround sound, force feedback and instrument positioning, you'll get an amazing life-like experience by using one of our home simulators, no matter what gaming system you prefer to use!.

Q: What colors are available for the home simulators?

A: While custom colors are available, the Home Pro comes in your choice of red, blue or copper.  Simulators with custom colors will be subject to additional charges and will take longer to ship
han our standard colored systems.

Q: Are these machines only for racing?

A: Not at all. Although the simulators are ideal for race simulation, they are also ideal for most other types of gaming, including Role Playing Games, Adventure Games, First Person Shooters, Flight Simulation, Strategy Games, Mass Online Gaming and much more. The keyboard tray allows for easy gaming for PC users. A mouse pad is built into the pro version.

Q: Can the simulators be used for flight simulation?

A: Definitely. Flight simulation yokes and rudder pedals can easily be mounted to the simulator for amazing flight simulation.

Q: Are the simulators adjustable?

A: Absolutely. We realize that many customers will use our simulators to entertain the whole family. With this in mind, we have designed our simulators with adjustable seats and pedals. For smaller gamers, you can slide the seat forward and the pedals up for comfortable gaming. For larger and taller gamers, the seat can slide way back while the pedals are put to the floor.

Q: Is the TV/Monitor tray secure?

A: Our TV/Monitor trays that sit in front of our simulators are completely secure. Not only are they made of thick steel but they are welded in place and then secured by an additional support arm underneath on our Pro Version. Our Sim Racer 4000 display stand is securely fastened then tightened down manually using hand turn knobs. These tray have been thoroughly tested with monitors ranging from 13" up to 52". We recommend that TVs & Monitors over 47" not be placed on the trays due to the proximity of the player to the screen. 37", 42" And 47" screens are ideal.

Q: What if I decide to change gaming systems?

A: No problem. The beauty of the Home Racing Simulator is that it is completely upgradeable and future compatible. The simulator can be changed to use other systems simply by connecting the audio and video cables. This can be done by any user and requires no extra hardware or extra costs (other than the necessary cables to hook up the equipment).

Q: Can I use my standard controller or joystick with the simulator?

A: Yes. You can use nearly any type of input method you'd like with the simulators. The simulators don't limit your gaming choices, they expand them.

Q: What kinds of displays are supported?

A: Virtually any type of display you can think of can be used with the Home Simulators. We have tested CRT Monitors, Tube Televisions, Overhead Projectors, Plasma TVs, LCD TVs, LCD Monitors and more with our home simulators and each of them works wonderfully. You can even use video goggles and other types of displays.

Q: How heavy are the simulators?

A: This depends on the simulator options included, but the average Home Pro Racer (HRS)
weighs in at around 500 Lbs (crated / shipping weight)

Q: What are the dimensions of the simulators?

A: The Home Pro Racer (HRS) measures approximately 60" long x 50" tall x 32" wide.

Q: How are the simulators packaged and delivered?

A: The Home Pro Racer is carefully wrapped in shrink-wrap to secure all parts and protect the body. The shrink-wrapped machine is then fastened to a wooden pallet and boxed up in a thick, protective crate. All parts are securely fastened and the machine is then shipped via freight by truck. Because of the weight and massive size of this game, inside delivery is strongly suggested.

Q: What kinds of cables come with the simulators?

A: The cables that accompany the simulators depend on the accessories purchased. If you purchase a Pro System Package, for example, with the gaming console and display, you'll receive all of the cables you need. If your purchase the base model, however, you will receive the digital optical cable and shaker cables (RCA). All accessories include the cables necessary to use them.

Q: What makes your simulator better than others?

A: Our simulators stand out from others in many ways. Here are a few of the product features that make our
simulators a far superior system at a superior price :

● Pure Digital Surround Sound (5.1), with 1000 watts of power for the ultimate reality.
● Custom built racing seat for the true feel of the race 
● Three force feedback rumblers put you in the game.
● Elevated seat for realistic positioning. Race drivers don't sit three inches off the ground.
● Total adjustability. Slide the seat forward or back. Slide the pedals up or down
● Control the vibration or Adjust the wheel. It's up to you. Our simulators are built for the whole family ● Unlike many simulators, our systems are built to work independently of the gaming system.
    You can easily run different consoles or even run multiple consoles on one simulator!

Q: What kind of warranty comes with your simulators?

A: The seat, frame and body of the simulators are covered by the manufacturers six month warranty, and all the electronic circuit board within the Home Racing Simulator (excluding all gaming consoles/computers) are covered with our FREE Two (2) Year Limited Game Electronics Warranty. Third party accessories, such as steering wheels, speakers and displays are covered by manufacturers warranties.

Q: What if I need technical support or help with my simulator?

A: Because we are one of the largest distributors of the Home Pro Racers, we understand just everything about them and we're more than happy to answer any questions you may have, both before and after purchase


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For more information about the Home Pro Racing Simulator,
, please contact
6am to 5pm Eastern Time at 1-866-527-1362 | 1-(314) 396-8500 or Contact Via Email

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