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Golden Tee Golf Live 2014  |  2014 Golden Tee Live  |  Information Page

 Golden Tee Golf 2014 Models have been REPLACED with this year's brand new Golden Tee Models

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Game NameGame PicturePrice

Game Description

Incredible Technologies / Incredible Technology Video Arcade Games / IT / ITS / ITSGames

Golden Tee Golf ?
LIVE 2014

Factory Showpiece Cabinet Model

Coin / Dollar Bill
Operated Model

Online Use Only
Golden Tee Golf LIVE 2014 Video Arcade Golf Game From ITS

Shown With Optional TV Mount (TV Not included)

Golden Tee Golf 2014 Golf Course Screenshots


Golden Tee Golf LIVE 2014 Factory Pedestal Cabinet
Video golfers across the world can compete in truly live, head-to-head contests for prizes or glory ! Golden Tee
LIVE 2014 takes excitement to new heights, with 1000's
of players competing simultaneously online globally, while scores are updated universally, hole-by-hole in real time !

GT Live 2014 also features "Closest-to-the-Pin" (CTTP Live) which allow 50 players to compete in a fast-paced tournament for a $ 50.00 Top Prize, and the "Great Shot Feature" which allows players to upload their "greatest" shots for the world to see online, anytime on YouTube -

The GT "Hit List" offers optional background music from
big name bands and up-and coming artists allowing users to continually discover new music ! And new Callaway
Big Bertha and Odyssey Clubs give players powerful clubs to use, plus the Customized Clothing Feature,
which allows players to customize how they dress up !

COURSES :  FIVE (5) New Golden Tee 2014 Courses  PLUS (40) Golden Tee Courses From 2006 to 2013 !

Golden Tee Golf LIVE 2014 Video Game Features :

▪ Multiple Play Modes “ Casual, Skins, Stats, Glory,
   Prizes, Closest To The Pin (CTTP) and More !
▪ Adjustable Golden Tees “ Find the perfect tee !
▪ Anytime, Anywhere YouTube Shots “ Share
   your most memorable moments and shots online !
▪ New Balls and Club Sets “ Dozens of New Sets !
▪ Optional second monitor and external audio can be
   added to display live Leader Board Stats + Sound

Golden Tee LIVE players compete with other players online for real challenges - and the game accepts credit cards, debit cards, bills and quarters for easy payments and profits, and with its built-in wireless card, it can be used in locations without internet service. Connection costs are about $10 per month, with service from Sprint.

You will need to purchase a Flat Panel Monitor (32"-60")
and if not mounting the monitor on a wall, we recommend
you add the Integrated TV Bracket Mount shown below.

Coin, Dollar Bill & Credit Card Acceptors Included !
DBA Accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 Bills and Credit Cards

  Golden Tee LIVE 2014 Game Brochure

  Golden Tee Golf Service Manual

  Golden Tee Golf A/V Connect Guide

  Integrated TV Bracket Mount Guide

Integrated Flat Panel TV Mount - Add $475

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box

Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements :
110 Volts / 220V Optional
Monitor :  
User Supplied (32" to 60" Flat Panel Monitor)
Players :
1 to 4 Player Golf Video Arcade Game

Golden Tee Live 2014 Video Arcade Game Dimensions :
Height: 39", Width: 24.5", Depth: 30", Weight: 205 Lbs
(w/42" TV + Stand : Height: 86", Width: 26", Depth: 54")

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Golden Tee Golf LIVE 2014 Game Marquee / Logo

* For the Golden Tee Golf 2014 LIVE edition, you get 5 new courses plus 40 courses from
Golden Tee LIVE 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 & 2006, for a total of 45 courses !
GT Live 2014 Comes With These Five Brand New Golden Tee Live 2014 Courses
#Golf Course Name Course LogoCourse Video Clip
 Pelican Grove Golf Course 
2 Greek Hills Golf Course
3 Highland Links Golf Course
4 Shade Acres Golf Course
 Turtle Island Golf Course

                                                                Golden Tee Golf - Closest To The Pin Live 2009 - CTTP - Logo

Play Fast & Win BIG in Golden Tee 2014's "Closest-to-the-Pin" (CTTP) Game !

Bad putters have a reason to smile! Closest-to-the-Pin LIVE "quick competition" play is debuting in Golden Tee 2014 - CTTP is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to play Golden Tee where one incredible shot could
pay huge dividends for your players - For only $2, players can tee up in this fast-paced, exciting competition,
and the best part is you no longer have to shoot better than ?20 to win cash ! Golden Tee is famous for its
real-time, wirelessly connected golf tournaments and cash prizes, and the new CTTP is a always-online
nationwide contest that offers both casual and pro players big cash prizes, yet takes just eight minutes
to complete play! And IT has awarded more than $15 million in cash prizes to Golden Tee Players to date!

"Closest-to-the-Pin LIVE certainly levels the playing field," said Golden Tee Golf "Professor" Steven Sobe
says - "Chances are most of the better players will prevail when playing an entire round, but in a closest
to-the-pin format, anything can happen." Which keeps your players engaged and spending their money !

Similar to regular live golf play, CTTP LIVE will feature 50 player contests. The similarities however, stop
there, and while Golden Tee Golf 2014 will feature new Odyssey Putters, they'll have to stay in the bag in
CTTP. Each player will take one shot on nine different holes. The holes will be selected randomly from
all twenty of the Golden Tee Golf LIVE courses, and are a combination of par-3s and drivable par-4s.

After each shot, the distances from the pin are calculated, and it's off to the next hole to do it all over again.
The player with the closest shot will have honors while playing. "If you hit a bad shot, you just move on to
the next hole," said Sobe. "Hit eight bad shots and one great shot and you can win fifty bucks. That's what makes this feature so unique and a ton of fun!"

The total distances away from the pin for all nine shots will be tracked, but only a player's best shot will
qualify him or her towards the competition. It the player hits a hole-in-one, they are a winner no matter what. 
If more than one person hits a hole-in-one, the total number of winners split the fifty-dollar prize pool evenly.
If no one aces a hole, the fifty-dollar prize pool goes to the player who is closest.  If time is scarce, the CTTP
LIVE is the perfect way to satisfy your hungry Golden Tee Golf players cravings for winning and glory online !

                                                 YouTube - Golden Tell Golf Great Shot Replays on YouTube        
                             You Play Golden Tee, You Succeed, YouTube? !
               Share Your Greatest Golden Tee Achievements with the World !

Nothing is more satisfying than draining a spectacular shot against a few of your buddies. After some speechless moments of awe, high fives are flying, the noise level booms, and drinks start flowing.

But what about those unforgettable shots hit when you're all by yourself? You've just hit the shot of your
life. As the ball touches the bottom of the cup, you emphatically wave your fists in the air - It's a shot so incredible that none of your friends would ever believe you, and unfortunately you have nothing to prove it.

Well, the days of describing your incredible golf shots to your doubting pals are almost gone! Now the
entire world will be witness your video golfing brilliance on the most popular video website in the world !!

Golden Tee Great Shot Replays on YouTube? on Golden Tee Golf 2014 LIVE allows millions of playing players the chance to upload their spectacular hole outs, double eagles, and even holes-in-ones !

Whether it was a hole shot hit with surgeon-like precision or an awkward carom off the head of a giraffe, if it lands in the cup, players will be given the opportunity to upload their shot directly in real-time to YouTube?
to share with the world. Skill, luck, or a little of both, your shot will now be a part of Golden Tee Golf history !

As soon as you hit your memorable shot, a screen will prompt you to upload your shot to YouTube?! An authorization needs to take place the first time where you set up preferences like email or SMS (cell phone).

For card-swiping online players, uploading after the primary authorization is a snap and can be done with the touch of a button. Non-swiping players can utilize the feature too but will have to undergo account authorization

Once the video is uploaded, you'll be able to email it to friends, post it on Facebook, MySpace, or your blog! And if those skeptical buddies of yours have a cell phone that also plays video, just send them a link and let YouTube? do the talking for you! Want the GT community to see it right away? Start a thread on the
Website or Underdog Sports Golden Blab forums, with your "Great Shot Replay" taking the center stage !

Great Shot Replays on YouTube? will change the way you brag about your Golden Tee prowess. Every shot you hit could be something special. Now you'll be able to experience your greatest achievements for eternity !

With over 5 million registered Golden Tee Golf LIVE players worldwide who
will spend over $250 million dollars on this great game in the coming year,
Golden Tee Golf LIVE is the undisputed "king" of coin-operated gaming !

Every Game Online and More GT Golf Game Features than Ever!  ● "Hit" List : Innovative way of introducing cool
bands + new music while enhancing the Golden Tee experience, starring the Dave Mathews Band  ● YouTube
 "Great Shot" Replays : Players can share that incredible hole-in-one with the entire world  ●  Callaway, Odyssey,
and Top Flite equipment players have new clubs and balls to use, from the best golf manufacturers in the world
  Closest-to-the-Pin" LIVE : Feature that allows players to compete in fast-paced 9-hole and 9-shot tournaments
 with a $50 top prize !  ●  Play for Glory or Prizes with the new Tournament System ● New Practice Facility Model
Unique Course Sampler Model ●  Immediate Feedback and Rewards  ●  Commentary / Analysis by Jim Nantz,
 Peter Jacobsen, Gary Player, Chris DiMarco and more  ●  Seasonal Conditions add new dimensions to play
 Revolutionary Help Feature offers solutions during game ● Compete against players with similar skills from
across the world !  ●  Player Ranking System  ●  Customizable Players  ●  Wireless Connection works anywhere
mobile phones works ●  Simple and automatic registration +  immediate access to features ● Optional Internet
connection ● Accepts Credit Cards  ●  Hole-n-Win, FACTS and Operator Services Compatible ●  High Resolution
Graphics Supports all monitors and screen resolutions  ●  Pedestal Cabinet designed for Playability and Safety
Oversized Cushioned Control Panel  ●   Small Footprint  ●  Innovative Money Vault offers additional cash security

[] Quantcast