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Home > Master Selection Guide > Game FAQ's > Home Game Room Ideas - Free Home Arcade / Family Gameroom Planning & Design Services

        Home Game Rooms |  Free Home Arcade / Family Game Room Planning / Design     

For information on commercial or business arcade gameroom planning and design, please click here

Home Gameroom / Family Game Room Arcade Designing
  We are proud to offer
all home / estate owners, interior designers
  architects, general contractors, decorators and others our free home
  family arcade and residential gameroom design, planning, decor and
  consultation service to help plan, design and decorate your new family
  room, kids room, basement, garage, apartment, condo, loft, vacation
  home, mansion or estate game room, or to help you remodel or
  expand your existing gameroom or family arcade

We can design a complete custom game room from A to Z !
We will interview you to findHome Gameroom / Family Game Room Arcade Designs and Plans our what games would be most appealing to you, and the people who will be playing them, then plan the space and electrical requirements (if needed), then ship out your games and deliver them to you in your home or office. Complete home or family game room packages start from around $5,000 and can run all the way up to $75,000 or more, depending on your physical space and gameroom budget. 

For more information
about Residential Gameroom Design & Planning, please contact BMIGaming Sales at 1-561-391-7200
6am to 9pm ET | Mon - Fri or
Contact Us Via Inquiry Form

Some Basic Tips on Home Game Room / Home Arcades Design & Planning:
Gameroom Space - Be sure that your game room has the needed height for larger-sized
games. Most rooms do, but it is always a good idea to check first. Also check to be sure
that the games you order will have at least 2" clearance on each side for any game that will need to be moved through a door, a stairway or stairwell to get inside your gameroom.
Game Electricity Concerns - 99% of our games use the standard three-prong 110/120V household electrical socket. Make sure you have enough sockets and that you use a top quality surge protector on all your games to prevent electrical damage from lightening
strikes, brownouts and electrical surges. And for gamerooms with more than 10 games
on the same circuit, a second or higher amp electrical circuit breaker may need to be installed by your local electrician, for approximately $75 to $175 dollars
Temperature and Humidity - Although you are buying a commercial-grade machine,
it is best to insure that the average temperature and humidity in the area you wish you
store or play your games does not normally fall below 10? nor rise above 130?, and with
the humidity under 90% on a consistent basis. Extreme cold, heat or humidity over an extended period (say over 4 months or so) can be harmful to almost any arcade game.
Windows & Cabinet Fading - To preserve the appearance of your game, try not to
subject your game's cabinet to direct, unfiltered sunlight. The UV rays in direct sunlight
can fade your game's cabinet artwork and graphics over time. If your games must be
placed near a window with direct sun, consider getting a UV window protection tint
or use blinds or curtains to block direct sun from shining on your game.

For more information about Home Arcade Gameroom Design and Planning, please contact
BMI Gaming
at + 561-391-7200 from 9am to 9pm ET | Mon - Sun or
Contact Us Via Inquiry Form


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