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Rock-Ola Nostalgic Music Center Touchscreen Jukeboxes  |  Information Page

Rock-Ola Nostalgic Music Center Digital Touchscreen Jukeboxes For Sale


What Does The Rockola "Auto Magic" Touchscreen Control System Do For Me ?

Rock Ola's Nostalgic Music Center (NMC) Digital Touchscreen Jukeboxes are the latest
addition to the Rock-Ola family of finely handcrafted musical jukeboxes that feature cutting edge
music technology, combined with cabinetry of exceptional quality and "old-world" craftsmanship.

These advanced digital jukeboxes easily convert your existing CD, DVD and MP3 music files
into digital songs within your NMC jukebox, then
auto-synchronizes all of your music tracks and custom playlists contained in your Nostalgic Music Center directly from any iPod, iPhone, iPad
or other MP3 type player, as well as importing MP3 music tracks from any USB key or device.

And you can also
share all of your music and playlists with many other connected devices on
your home network
with built-in internet and network connections, and can also control separate volume  levels for up to (2) different music zones ! These cool looking digital-age jukeboxes come
with the "Auto Magic Touchscreen Control"  that quickly and automatically handles all the dull
chores of loading, naming, organizing, finding and playing
your entire music collection !

Here's How The 'One Step" Auto Magic CD Loading Process Works :

Simply place a Music CD or DVD into the front-located disc drive, or import songs
from your iPod, iPad, iPhone or any other MP3 Player or USB device -
That's it !

Your broadband internet connection then immediately and automatically locates and
downloads all of your song's musical information like Artist, Album and Track names,
along with the actual album cover art for on-screen display, using the massive online
GraceNote Music Database Service, Free for life! Once the information about your
songs are located online, the this information is then automatically transferred to your
Rock Ola Nostalgic Music Center's jukebox music database.

Finally, if using CD's or DVD's, your disc is automatically ejected from CD/DVD Drive
when all of the music and title information has been downloaded and processed into
your Music Center, all of which takes just about 15-30 second per song! You then can
select and play all the music loaded from your collection to the Nostalgic Music Center
using the very easy, intuitive and large touchscreen display.

It is so simple that anyone from a 8 year old to your 70 year old grandmother can do it !

FYI : Do you own either obscure, home-made, music compilations or self-recorded music? These songs may also
be loaded easily (if not found on the GraceNote database) into your Music Center, as NMC's come with the ability to
manually input and customize CD information like Artist, Title, Track, etc, you wish, or that is not available online)

Checkout These Great Features and Benefits With All Rick Ola NMC Jukeboxes  !

Unique "Auto Magic" Options / Features:

  • 1TB of storage accommodates up to
    15,000 CDs, or about 125,000 songs
    depending on compression preference
  • The digitally-stored music information
    becomes an "on-screen" catalog,
    music lovers to browse their whole music collection by Artist, Album, Genre and more !

  • Create and store multiple playlists with a
    - play a whole album or just 1 song
    at a time. Imagine all your favorite albums available for play at a touch of your finger!

  • Take all of your music with you! All Nostalgic Music Centers are able to sync songs and playlists to your iPod, iPad, iPhone or other
    MP3 player
    , and can also rip (record) any of
    your stored musical tracks to a custom CD !
  • You can even add the Music Center to your home PC network for even more music throughout your home using the NMC's built-in file sharing features !
  • You can build and save custom playlists that sets a mood or celebrate a special
    occasion! The NMC can create playlists based on Artist, Title, Album, Theme,
    Tone, Style, or Era, automatically using the built-in Q-Sonix Tapestry Interface.
  • Built-In Quad 7-Band Graphic Parametric Equalizers have customizable on-screen
    controls to help ensures peak sound settings to suit your music / tonality tastes.
  • The user-managed "SoftFade" Engine delivers incredibly smooth music
    and soft volume track / album transitions in multiple modes.
  • All NMC's come with Built-In Password Protection options control access
    to volume, settings and playlists as desired (great for managing child use)
  • All Nostalgic Music Centers offer a variety of quality music compression options
    to help you expand your music library for those who have tons of songs to copy.
  • Features "Double Tap" so you can sample any song for a quick 7 second preview !

    All Nostalgic Music Centers features are always updated and current - New
    Updates and Features are added automatically with online updating during
    regularly scheduled maintenance cycles - all at no additional charge to you.


You'll get more out of your valuable music collection that you ever
dreamed possible - All with just the simple touch of your finger !

RockOla Nostalgic Music Center Touchscreen Jukeboxes
Click Here To See More Information And Pricing On The Entire Rock-Ola Digital Jukebox Line

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