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BMI Gaming New Product Limited Warranty                                            

30 Day New Product Limited Warranty

Last modified: January 18, 2010

Our 30-Day New Product Limited Warranty covers telephone diagnosis, parts and repair on
most problems you may experience on all products we sell
except product accessories, parts, furniture, redemption games and vending machines, non-electronic products or as noted on our
website) for the first 30 days after the purchase is received by you with these specific exceptions :

  1. Product and/or product parts found to be defective must be shipped or brought back to our shop
    at customer's expense for any warranty work to be performed, or customer can elect for us to
    provide on-site repair work at the customer's location, with customer picking up all labor costs.
    All warranty work performed at our location is performed at our expense (parts and labor).
    Customer is responsible for shipping of the game or game parts, and setup or reinstallation
    of parts after warranty work is finished, unless a separate Extended Warranty that covers on
    site repair is purchased prior to delivery of covered games. We cannot be held responsible for damage to game due to improper installation and/or usage. All advanced-replacement parts
    must be paid for in advance of shipment, and a credit will be issued if the defective part (if
    under warranty) is returned to us within (15) days of shipment of the replacement part.

As always, our award-winning lifetime technical support and assistance are always available
to all our customers by phone or e-mail
, for as long as you own the product.

Please note that most products also come with a separate Original Manufacturers Warranty

While some of our customers enjoy repairing their products themselves, it is not a very good idea
unless you are very certain about what you are doing. Any warranty work done must be performed
by us or our agents, and the work to be performed must be approved by us first. The warranty does
not cover any expense or work performed by you or any other game repair person unless approved
by us first. BMI Gaming is not responsible for costs of repairs if any work is performed on game by
anyone other than ourselves or our agents. Any work performed on the product by you or by another
repair person not authorized by us first in writing is your full responsibility, and will void your warranty.

Purchasing a BMI Gaming Extended Warranty is a excellent way to further insure your gaming investment is protected. All Extended Warranties must be purchased before you take delivery
of your game. To order, simply select the "Extended Warranty" option of your choice on our
online order form - If you have already purchased your game, but have not yet taken delivery
of it, please call us at from 6am to 5pm, Mon-Fri, or email us to place your extended warranty order.

Our 30-Day Limited Product Warranty does not cover the following:

  1. Glass breakage.
  2. Monitor adjustments

  3. Product abuse or misuse

  4. Product cleaning and / or routine maintenance

  5. Physical or cosmetic damage whatsoever to the product 

  6. Stuck or jammed coin mechanisms caused by improper usage
  7. Damage incurred from moving, shipping or working on products

  8. Damage incurred by normal wear-and-tear / non-standard game play. 
  9. Damage caused by acts of God; weather, water, lightening or electrical
    damage, or damage due to extreme heat (over 125?) or cold (under 32?).
  10. Damage caused by unauthorized repair work to product or by the installation
    of any parts or upgrades on products, other than as directed or approved
    by BMI Gaming or its agents in advance of such work or repair.
  11. Any labor costs for repair technicians for on-site service or any shipping costs to or
    travel-related costs to or from your location to service the product (where available)
    from our shop for warranty work to be performed, unless covered by extended warranty

  12. Any product damage incurred during shipping/transit from our warehouse or our partners.
  13. Any product sold "as-is", or as a "project game" or "less than perfect" that is not optionally
    refurbished (these games do not come with a warranty)

This warranty will become null and void if:

  1. Anyone besides BMI Gaming or its agents or representatives performs or attempts
    any repairs or modifications to the product unless authorized first by us.

  2. Product is dropped, knocked over, abused, or otherwise physically damaged while
    at your location or during any transportation or shipping to or from our location.

  3. Product is placed outdoors, in direct sun, rain, cold, heat or placed in a humid area
    (such as around/near hot tub, swimming pool, etc.)

  4. Product is altered, modified, or customized either electronically, mechanically, or
    cosmetically in any way, shape or form



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