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Kiddie Rides Buyers Guide  |  Kiddy Ride / Train Ride FAQ                       
Kiddie Rides - Coin Operated Kiddy Rides, Carrousels, Train Rides, Childrens Video and Sports Games and More For Sale

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to purchasing Kiddie Rides.

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us and we would be happy to answer
any additional questions you may have about purchasing new Kiddie rides, or if you have a specific
Kiddie Ride
you need more information on, please call us or use our Sales Inquiry Form 

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Why should we consider buying Kiddie Rides or Kiddie Games ?

With the ever-expanding population of children, kiddie ride and games are steady money-makers!
Kiddie games and rides have been staples of the amusement industry for years, and don't become obsolete like some other games do over time. Kiddie rides and games make your store, attraction
or arcade more "kid-friendly", attract parents with children, make both parent and child very happy,
and will keep making you money for decades!

What type of Kiddie Rides or Games would you recommend I buy for my location ?

That all depends on the size of your space, your "theme" and your budget - Kiddy Rides can
be placed in a space less than 5' x 5' for one-rider games up to over 200' x 200' for train rides,
and run from the low $2000's up to over $75,000 for a large train ride that can accommodate
up to 26 kids at once! Kiddie Games, which are games built and geared toward small children
aged 4-10 like mini-basketball, fun driving games, redemption games, video games, etc can
fit in a space as small as 3ft x 3ft and generally run from $3000 up to $9000, and are as suited
for use in both large arcades, amusement parks, attractions and FEC's as they are for small
spaces in bowling alleys, laundromats, convenience stores, bowling alleys and home use.

Perhaps you are looking for a "major" attraction centerpiece like a large carrousel or train ride
for a family entertainment / fun center, large arcade, regional or strip mall, or perhaps a smaller
rides that would be suited for use inside or outside of a retail store, shopping center, bowling
alley, restaurant, gas station, youth center or even for residential use? At larger arcades, malls,
attractions, museums and FEC's, a big beautiful ride that stands out from all of your other site
attractions is most desired. For other locations, deciding on the right type of ride might be as
simple as matching the ride to your theme, if you have one - Placing a animal-type ride in zoos,
parks or aquariums might be the right way to go, or perhaps a Formula 1, NASCAR racing car
or motorbike for auto and motorcycle dealerships would be also be ideal, for some examples.


FALGAS Brand Kiddie Rides FAQ -

Can FALGAS Kiddie Rides be used outdoors ?

All FALGAS Kiddie Rides are designed from the ground-up for outdoor operation, and do not need
any sort of "special add-ons" or protective parts like many other Kiddie ride makers require for a
ride to be used outside.

What is the typical ride length for FALGAS Kiddie Rides ?

A typical ride length of a minute and a half is standard, but with most FALGAS Kiddie Rides,
the ride time is fully adjustable on demand by the operator.

What price should be charged for a typical FALGAS Kiddie Ride ?

The standard setting for most standard-sized Kiddie rides is $0.25. But all FALGAS Rides come with adjustable pricing ($0.25, 0.50, 0.75, $1.00, etc.), and can also be set on "free-play" for home or non
profit use, with a slight modification. Offering your customers a "fair value" is important. For arcades,
FEC's and mall locations, you will be able to charge $0.50 to a $1.00 or more (and more for train or carrousel rides). For other locations with lower traffic and/or lower income clients, $0.25 or $0.50
might be the way to go. The best way to determine the correct price point is to experiment with
your pricing over a month or two, and see which price point brings in the most revenue.

Do FALGAS Rides accept just quarters, or can they take tokens or foreign currency ?

All FALGAS Rides sold in the USA accept US Quarters, but can be made to accept a wide variety
of currency from almost any foreign country you can think of, as long as your special currency requirements are known before the game ships from the factory, as FALGAS Rides are now in
operation in more than 122 countries worldwide!

What are the standard electrical requirements for FALGAS Kiddie Rides ?

A standard 110-120 volt electrical outlet is required. A typical ride draws about 5-7 amps of power
at startup, and pulls about 3-5 amps while in operation. FALGAS Trains have additional electrical requirements listed in our "Trains" section below

What type of standard maintenance is required for FALGAS Kiddie Rides ?

Nothing really. For most standard FALGAS Kiddie Rides, FALGAS suggests that operators check for burnt-out light buLbs and for electrical wiring integrity once a year, and to clean (wipe down) the ride monthly, but that's about it! FALGAS Trains require some additional maintenance addressed below.

How much do FALGAS Kiddie Rides cost to operate ?

The cost to operate a standard Kiddie ride is about the same for running a personal computer; larger
rides like trains and carrousels take more electricity to run, but we are talking about less than $5/day.

How long will a FALGAS Kiddie Ride last ?

FALGAS Kiddie Rides are manufactured strictly for commercial use, are world-renowned for their
looks and design, are highly regarded worldwide for their extremely high-quality construction, and
there are many FALGAS Rides made by FALGAS in the 60's and 70's are still going strong and
making money for their owners for over 30+ years in many locations worldwide.

Do FALGAS Kiddie Rides come with a warranty ?

All FALGAS Kiddie Rides come with the absolute best warranty in the kiddie ride industry - Their exclusive  "Bumper to Bumper " Two (2) Year Parts Warranty - Any part found to be defective
within two years will be replaced free of charge during the warranty period - No exceptions!

What about if repairs to a FALGAS Ride are required ?

FALGAS Rides are manufactured of the highest quality materials for years of maintenance-free use. However, ride service or repair issues can crop up occasionally from time to time, and our in-house technical support department, along with our exclusive nationwide service network are here to assist
you when problems happen. FALGAS Rides are very simple in design and most problems are
generally very easy to repair, and most problems can even be solved by using a local electrician!

Can FALGAS Rides be customized with special colors, or have corporate logos imprinted ?

Yes! FALGAS will customize paint colors and affix corporate logos free of charge. A minimum order of
10 rides is required for special color schemes, and a minimum order of 25 rides is needed for corporate logos. Of course, if you need less than the minimum order, you can get this done by using local artists.

Are there any legal or insurance requirements needed operate FALGAS Kiddie Rides ?

You should first check with your local and state authorities about amusement ride rules and regulations that may apply to operating rides in your location, and obtaining liability insurance is also a very good idea.

FALGAS Train Rides FAQ

Do the FALGAS Train Rides require any personnel to run them ?

FALGAS Train Rides do not require train engineers, but do require one attendant to help customers
onto the train and then operate the train. The train is operated from a control system that stands
next to the track in a stationary location.

How can I customize my FALGAS Train Ride to my location's requirements ?

Although FALGAS Train Rides can be run as supplied out of the box, you may also want to consider adding such cool design / stage accessories like real RR crossing signs, a simulated train station,
train whistles or train-noise background music, or other touches like small trees, bushes, fake grass (Astroturf) and the like. Dressing up your train ride for the holidays (Easter, Christmas, etc) with the
appropriate holiday decorations also makes a lot of sense, and can increase revenues dramatically!

What should we typically charge for a FALGAS Train Ride ?

Train tickets usually sell in the $1.00 - $2.00 range. In high-volume locations like malls and FEC's,
(or during holiday periods if you have invested in dressing up your train ride for the holiday season
with the appropriate decorations), you might be able charge anywhere from $2.00 - $4.00 per ride.
You might also consider selling "ticket books" for multiple rides at a discount from the standard
one-ride rate, and perhaps letting adults ride free, as many ride operators allow.

How long does the typical FALGAS Train Ride last ? (time spend riding the train)

Typical ride length is 2 to 3 minutes, and usually depends on how busy your location is.
The ride time is fully adjustable at anytime by the ride attendant.

How many children or adults can ride in a FALGAS Train Ride at one time ?

Canada Train 16 Kids / No Adults
Christmas Train : 21 Kids and 14 Adults
Orient Express Train : 26 Kids / No Adults
Polar Train : XX Kids and/or Adults
Safari Train
: 16 Kids and/or Adults

Western Train : XX Kids and/or Adults

What is the standard (suggested) length of the FALGAS Train track ?

Typically, 100 feet of track is included in the base cost of all FALGAS Trains, and a 100' total length
is considered to be the standard for kiddie trains. Design larger tracks are acceptable, providing that
a minimum turn radius of 6' 9" is kept in the design.
Additional track (and in some cases, additional
train cars, depending on the model) can be purchased for a nominal fee.

What is the shortest length possible for FALGAS Train Ride tracks ?

That all depends on the type of train selected; the shortest lengths are for the Safari, Christmas and Canada Trains, at about 60 feet in length.

What type of flooring surface if required for FALGAS Train Rides ?

FALGAS Train Rides may be constructed on just about any level surface. If the train is to be installed
on a hard surface or floor, or outdoors on grass or bare dirt, floor covering should be installed under
the tracks to cut down on operating noise, protect the floor, and to protect tracks from moisture.

Is there electric current running through the FALGAS Train Ride tracks ?

Yes, but its just 24 Volts DC and low tension, and is converted to DC at the control box from 110 VAC. There is no danger from shock by touching a track rail, but you might feel a slight tingle if you touched both tracks at the same time (one track is positively charged, and the other negatively charged).

Is a "safety fence" needed for FALGAS Train Rides ?

Yes. All FALGAS Train Rides require the use of a safety fence, both or safety and liability reasons.
The typical fence is set back a minimum of 3 to 4 feet from the edge of the tracks.

Are there any legal or insurance requirements needed operate FALGAS Train Rides ?

You should first check with your local and state authorities about amusement ride rules and regulations that may apply to operating rides in your location, and obtaining liability insurance is also a very good idea.

What kind of routine maintenance is needed for FALGAS Train Rides ?

Train motors, Pinion teeth and Toothed belt tension should be checked every 120 hours, or based on
48 hours of total use per month, about once every three months. Movable parts and chain should be dressed with Kraft-type (KCS) grease every 240 hours, or based on 48 hours of total use per month, about once every six months. Wheels must be checked for integrity on a weekly basis, and rides
should be cleaned on a weekly basis, for the highest revenues to be generated from your rides.

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