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Home > Master Selection Guide > Video Games > Arcade Legends > Arcade Legends 3 Software Upgrades Page | Game Pack 532

Arcade Legends 3 Game Upgrade Pack 532   |   20 More Classic Video Arcade Games !

All classic video arcade games shown below are the true, authentic,
original and fully-licensed coin
-operated versions you played long ago !

This game pack is for use only with Arcade Legends 3 Models.

Purchase of Game Pack Upgrade 532

(With Arcade Legends 3 Machine)
$ 295 !

+ Current AL3 Price

All AL3 Upgrade Packs Are Shipped Separately
Free Lifetime Tech Support Included
Purchase of Game Pack Upgrade 532

$ 345

All AL3 Upgrade Packs Are Shipped Separately
Free Lifetime Tech Support Included
Arcade Legends 3 Game Upgrade Pack 532 Game List


Featured Game


Original Game Marquee Picture



Capcom / 1984

1942 Arcade Games For Sale



Capcom / 1987

1943 Arcade Games For Sale

3Bionic Commando

Capcom / 1987
Bionic Commando - Title screen imageBionic Commando Arcade Games For Sale
4Bogey Manor

Technos / 1985
Bogey Manor - Title screen imageBogey Manor Arcade Games For Sale

Captain Commando

Capcom  / 1991

Captain Commando Arcade Games For Sale

6Carrier Air Wing

Capcom  / 1989
Carrier Air Wing - Title screen imageCarrier Air Wing Arcade Games For Sale
7The Combatribes

Technos / 1987
Combatribes The - Title screen imageThe Combatribes Arcade Games For Sale

Double Dragon

Technos / 1987

Double Dragon Arcade Games For Sale


Double Dragon 3
The Rosetta Stone

Technos / 1990

Double Dragon 3  The Rosetta Stone - Title screen imageDouble Dragon 3 The Rosetta Stone - Arcade Games For Sale

Final Fight

Capcom / 1989

Final Fight Arcade Games For Sale


Ghosts N' Goblins

Capcom / 1985

Ghosts N Goblins Arcade Games For Sale


Ghouls N' Ghosts

Capcom / 1988

Ghouls N Ghosts Arcade Games For Sale


Gun Smoke

Capcom / 1985

Gun Smoke - Title screen image

Gun Smoke Arcade Games For Sale

14The King Of Dragons

Capcom / 1991
The King Of Dragons Arcade Games For Sale
15Magic Sword
Capcom / 1990
Magic Sword Arcade Games For Sale

Mega Man
The Power Battle

Capcom / 1985

Mega Man Arcade Games For Sale


Section Z

Capcom / 1985

Section Z Arcade Games For Sale


Street Fighter II

Capcom / 1991

Street Fighter II - The World Warrior - Title screen image

Street Fighter II Arcade Games For Sale


Street Fighter II CE
Champion Edition

Capcom / 1992

Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition - Title screen image

Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition Arcade Games For Sale



Capcom / 1989

Strider Arcade Games For Sale





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