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Arcade Industry Associations, Publications and Links Directory

Arcades and Family Entertainment Center Location Listings

  • Arcades and FEC Locations Directory - Our listing of major arcades and Family Entertainment
    Centers (FEC) Locations within the USA where you can go to see and "test-drive" arcade games.

          Arcade and Amusement Industry Trade Shows

     See Amusement Industry Trade Show Calendar


Amusement-Related Online News / Information Sites

  • - Top-ranked breaking news site for arcade games, updated daily.
  • The Stinger Report-  Features breaking news and extensive coverage of the "out of home"
    entertainment industries (arcades, amusement parks, gaming) - Free newsletter service.
  • Coin-Op Today -  Coin-operated gaming and vending industry online news
  • Coin-Op News Europe -  Coin-operated gaming and vending industry news in Europe
  • Top-ranked pinball breaking new site which is entirely devoted to current
    happenings, events and new products in the world of pinball - Free monthly newsletter.
  • Internet Pinball Database - World's largest repository of pinball related facts, figures,
    pictures and product data for both old and modern pinball machines. Awesome site!
  • - Extensive online database for information, pictures and promotional flyers
    of pinball machines from around the world. Very nice design and layout.
  • The Arcade Flyers Archive - Another online database for information, pictures and
    promotional flyers of many different types of arcade games, pinball and video games.
  • International Arcade Museum - Big brother to KLOV, this site lists info for other
    arcade-related games in addition to pinball machines.
  • Pinball Machine Abbreviations - Find out what many pinball machine abbreviations mean.   
  • Pinball High Scores - Well organized database of the world's highest-ranking pinball
    machine players, by machine and high score.
  • World Pinball Directory - Directory of pinball-related links
  • - Covers both consumer and commercial video arcade games

Arcade Games and Amusement-Related
Print Magazines and Publications

  • InterGame - UK based magazine for the gaming / coin-operated amusements fields
  • Vending Times - Coin-operated vending industry newspaper. Covers arcade games.
  • PlayMeter Magazine -Coin-operated gaming and vending industry magazine
  • Replay Magazine - Coin-operated gaming and vending industry magazine
  • FunWorld Magazine - Official Publication of IAAPA (by subscription only)
  • Gameroom Magazine - General public / game collectors magazine
  • PinGame Journal - General public / pinball collectors magazine
  • EuroSlot - UK based magazine for the gaming / coin-operated amusements fields

  • InterPlay - Euro-based magazine for the gaming / coin-operated amusements fields
  • GameTime Int'l / GTI - Asian-based mag for the gaming / coin-operated amusements fields
  • Star Tech Journal - Monthly technical newsletter and website about coin-op repair issues.

Arcade Game and Pinball Machine Repair and Restoration Information Links

Arcade Games and Amusement-Related
Industry Associations  (USA Based)

  • APA - American Poolplayers Association
  • AAMA - American Amusement Machine Association

  • AMOA - Amusement and Music Operators Association
  • BCA - Billiard Congress of America

  • IAAPA - International Association Of Amusement Parks and Attractions

  • NAMA - National Automatic Merchandising Association

Arcade Game Related Parts, Electronics, Suppliers and Accessories

See Arcade Game Parts and Service Providers Page

Pinball Machine Clubs and Organizations

Pinball Machine Events and Expositions
(USA Based)

         Pinball Machine Events and Expositions



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