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Golden Tee Golf Live 2008  |  2008 Golden Tee Live  |  Information Page

 Golden Tee Golf 2008 Models have been REPLACED with this year's brand new Golden Tee Models !

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Incredible Technologies / Incredible Technology / IT / ITS / ITSGames

Live 2008

Factory Upright Cabinet Model


Commercial Use Online Edition

Tournament Play
Coin / DBA / CC's

Golden Tee Golf Live 2008 | Factory Upright Cabinet Model From Incredible Technologies / IT / ITS

Golden Tee Live 2008 Commercial Edition From BMI Gaming


The Golden Tee Live! 2008 Factory Tournament Model
with TWIN Monitors and designed for both
Novice and Pro Players with  more features ever !


  •  Play for Glory and Fun or for Prizes with
     an All New Player Tournament System!
  •  All New Practice Facility Mode !
  •  Unique “Course Sampler” Mode !
  •  Immediate Play Feedback and Rewards !
  •  Revolutionary Help Feature Offers
      Game Solutions During Play!
  •  Revolutionary Player Ranking System!
  •  Realistic Game Environments with All New
     Particle Effects for Sand and Water areas !
•  Now with Seasonal Course Conditions !

  And even MORE new features!

  • Players can customize their on-screen  
    characters, choosing faces, clothes, gear!
  • Get this: for the first time women can choose
     a female golfer on Golden Tee Live!
  • Players and spectators can now check the
     second LCD monitor for interactive, real-time
     leaderboard information and player status!!
  • Live-action commentary from golf pros Peter
    Jacobsen, Gary Player, Chris DiMarco, and
     Laura Diaz - plus announcer Jim Nantz!
   • Even more helpful video tips from Steven
     Sobe, 3-Time GT national Champ! •

  And more features for Registered ITNET 
  Business users!

  •  Golden Tee Live! utilizes new real-time,
     wireless technology
so players coast-to
     coast can compete in real time! And GT
     Live now accepts credit and debit cards!
  •  Gamers can win or purchase golf 
      equipment, courtesy of Top Flite!
  •  Every game can be a tournament game!
      Win cash prizes with every game you play!
  •  Compete Against Players with Similar
      Skills From Across the Country !

Accepts Quarters, Dollar Bills and Credit Cards !

 27" + 15" Flat-Screen Monitors - 1 to 4 Player Game
 Height: 80", Width: 27.5", Depth: 40.5", Weight: 495 Lbs

Golden Tee Golf Live From BMI Gaming

2008 Courses

Radically Redesigned Fresh
Look Attracts New Players !

   Fun, Friendly and Approachable
Easier Game Entry
Rewarding Game Play
Radically Redesigned Play Modes
Simple Choices for Any Skill Level!
New Casual Play Mode
Easy to Start, Play and Compete!
Best-In-Bar Leaderboards
Adjustable Difficulty Settings
Advanced Play Mode
Play for Prizes on Every Game
More Prize Winners than Ever
Worldwide Player Rankings & Stats
Custom Clothing and Equipment
Radically Redesigned Courses
Every Game is a New Experience!
More Tee & Pin Positions  !!

2008 Screenshots

For Golden Tee Golf 2008 Live Commercial Online Edition, You Get (5) New Challenging Courses
plus choice of 5 out of 10 Courses from Golden Tee Live 2006 & 2007, for a total of (10) Courses !
Comes with 5 New Golden Tee Golf Live 2008   Courses + 10 Other GT Live Courses !
#Course Name /
Year Introduced
Course LogoCourse Screenshot
Bayou Bay Country Club
Bayou Bay : Deep in the blackwater swamps of Louisiana lies the hazard-filled  Bayou Bay. As dangerous as it is
striking, Bayou brings with it serious water challenges on every hole ! Its numerous island greens and hundreds
of tee locations add variety-filled entertainment - But keeping your ball dry will be nothing short of an adventure !
Cypress Cove C. C
Cypress Cove : Set alongside the vast Pacific Ocean   in the Monterey Peninsula of California , this course offers
some of the most stunning scenery ever offered in Golden Tee history !  But no matter how easy on the eyes
Cypress is, its countless bunkers and stiff ocean breeze turn a scenic stroll into a duffing disaster in a hurry !
Eagle Crest Golf Resort
Eagle Crest : A course of monumental proportions based in Washington DC, Eagle Crest melds fantasy & reality !
Course gives players the opportunity to golf among America's most famous monuments. From putting on the White
House lawn to playing through the Jefferson Memorial - literally ! Eagle Crest is sure to become a national treasure.
Misty Springs Country Club (2008) 
Misty Springs : Winding through Yellowstone National Park is the geyser-filled creation tagged Misty Springs.
 A woodland golfer's gem, players must be sure not to get caught up in its rustic beauty; because any slip up will
be punished - Misty's massive trees, sprawling layout and challenging greens make it a shot-shapers paradise !
Summit Lakes Country Club (2008) 
Summit Lakes : Buried deep within the frozen tundra   of the barren Yukon Territory sits Summit Lake; a sight
never before seen in video golf ! The vast Brooks Mountain Range sets the stage for this links-style challenge.
Ice, snow, cliffs, rocks and winds make Summit Lakes as fun as a snow day... but as welcoming as a blizzard !

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Video Preview of Golden Tee Live 2008 in action !

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