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Bowling Arcade Machines  |  Arcade Bowling Alleys & Arcade Bowling Games For Sale 

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Game Name
Stock Status

Bowling Arcade Game Picture


Bowling Arcade Game Description

Pac-Man Ghost Bowling

Ticket Redemption
Alley Roller Game

Pac-Man's Ghost Bowling  - Alley Roller Machine From Namco

Twin Model Shown Above With Optional Marquee

$ 4375 !

$ 8475 !

Pac-Man's Ghost Bowling Alley Roller Machine  -
This new Pac-Man branded ticket redemption alley roller
machine has reinvented the standard alley roller, with minor changes made in traditional gameplay. In the new
Pac Man's Ghost Bowling, players roll balls up the alley and under the playfield,, and once the ball goes under the playfield, it then rolls up and wraps around the back of
he playfield, where it finally drops down from behind
into the scoring holes, like in the traditional game.

Pac Man Ghost Bowling is perfect for smaller locations,
as it it just 2/3 the length of traditional alley roller games,
and was designed with eye-catching colors + LED lights.

  Pac Man Ghost Bowling Brochure
Optional 220V Power Conversion - Add $250
Optional Game Marquee / Topper - Add $CALL

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V

Players : 1 and 2 Player Alley Roller Arcade Games

Pac-Man Ghost Bowling Arcade Game Dimensions :
Height: 80", Width: 30", Depth: 80", Weight: 526 Lbs
   (Game Marquee Adds 17" to Total Hieght)

Imply Tecnologia Eletronica  |  Bowling Lanes / Arcade Games

iBowl +

Miniature Bowling Alley
Mini Bowl Game

Optional Ticket Redemption !


iBowl + Plus Mini Bowling Alley Arcade Machine From Imply Tecnologia Eletronica

iBowl Plus / iBowl + Mini Bowling Alley Video Clip From Imply

$ 8975 !
(13 Foot Lane)

$ 9975 !
(22 Foot Lane)

iBowl + Mini Bowling
Alley - A fresh version for a classic game. i-BOWL+ in the perfect bowling alley for
FEC's, arcades, bars and other locations, with its very
eye-catching looks and neon cabinet colors ! Plays up
to six (6) players at once, and comes with a fantastic
LCD scoreboard monitor with 3D animated graphics !

iBowl + Mini Bowling Lanes Machine Features :

▪  Long Lasting Phenolic Synthetic Laminate Lane Surface
 iBowl + Accommodates Up to (6) Players Per Game !
▪  3D Graphic Animations Displayed With Each Frame
▪  Exciting Digital Music and Game Sound Effects !
▪  22" LCD Score Monitor For Great Player Interactivity
▪  Multi Language Software - Choose Preferred Language ▪  Friendly GUI Scoring Software With Joystick Control
 Neon Colors with Bright Bowling Effect Graphics
 Integrated Automatic Electronic Scoring System
▪  1 Ball Per Frame, 10 Frames Per Game (Customizable)
▪  LCD Screen Can Display Your Publicity Or Ads !
 Coin, Bill, Token or Smart Card Payment Ready
▪  Ticket Redemption Dispenser Ready (Optional)


  iBowl + Mini Bowling Alley Brochure

iBowl + Mini Bowling Lane Video

Optional Coin Acceptor - Add $ CALL 
Optional Token Acceptor - Add $ CALL 
Optional Dollar Bill Acceptor - Add $ CALL 
Optional Ticket Dispenser - Add $ CALL 

Product Condition: Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements: 110 Volts  |  220 Volts
Players: 1 - 6 Player Miniature Bowling Alley Lane

iBowl + Mini Bowling Alley Lane 13 Ft Game Dimensions :
Height: 74", Width: 37", Length: 158", Weight: XXXX Lbs

iBowl + Mini Bowling Alley Lane 22 Ft Game Dimensions :
Height: 74", Width: 37", Length: 260", Weight: XXXX Lbs

LAI Games Arcade and Redemption Games Catalog

Super Strike

Mini Bowling Alley Machine

Optional Ticket
Redemption !

Super Strike Bowling Alley Arcade Bowling Machine From LAI Games

Standard Lane is 15 Feet Long, but 4 Ft Lane Extensions are available to make longer lanes !

Super Strike Bowling Lanes - Arcade Bowling Machine Model From LAI Games

Four-Lane Super Strike Model Shown Above

Arcade Game Video Clip

$ 12975 !
(Per Lane)

$ 50875 !
(4 Lane Model)

Super Strike Bowling Alley - Super Strike Bowling Lanes delivers all of the fun and fast paced excitement
of a real bowling alley, but can fit into almost any location or large home, and features a
30" LCD monitor showing some very hilarious animations plus automatic scoring !

SuperStrike Bowling features motorized pin lifters and bright 30" LCD Scoring Monitors above the lanes, which displays scores and sharp animated graphics - Operator selectable settings allows for five or ten frame games, which can be played by up to four players on a single
lane, and lanes have a Ticket Redemption On/Off feature.

Super Strike Bowling Alley Machine Features :

▪  5 or 10 Frame Game Play /  Up to 4 Players Per Lane !
▪  4 Foot Lane Extension Available For Longer Lanes
▪  Great For Home or In-House Bowling Tournaments
▪  3 Award Modes - Tickets, Coupons or Amusement
▪  Sturdy Motorized Pin Lifter & Automatic Ball Return
▪  Maintenance Friendly Electromechanical Design
▪  Fully Automated : Coin, DBA or Swipe Card Ready
▪  Adjustable Pricing Options / Detailed Audit Features

  Super Strike Bowling Lane Brochure

  Super Strike Bowling Service Manual

 Super Strike Bowling Game Video

Optional Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA) : Add $ 395
4 Foot Lane Extensions : Add $ 725
Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion - Add $ 265

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty :
Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements :
110 Volts | Optional 220 V
Monitor : 30" High Resolution LCD Flat Panel Monitor
Players : 1 - 4 Player Coin Op Bowling Machine Game

Super Strike Bowling Alley 15' Lane Dimensions :
Height: 91", Width: 41", Length: 183"', Weight: 1582 Lbs

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