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Home > Master Selection Guide > Sports Games Guide > Basketball Machines >  New Kids Basketball Games / Childrens Basketball Machines

New Child / Kids Basketball Arcade Machine Games | Commercial Quality

Please note : Although many larger games found here come in two or more pieces to allow them to fit through a "standard"
doorway, a few games may not fit through a standard doorway - Always confirm game dimensions with us before ordering

Game Name
Stock Status

Kids Basketball Game Picture


  Kids Basketball Game Description

Innovative Concepts In Entertainment / Ice Games Catalog

NBA Hoop Troop

Kids Basketball Arcade Game

NBA Hoop Troop Kids Basketball Game From ICE Games

NBA Hoop Troop Kids Basketball Arcade Game Video Clip

$ CALL !

NBA Hoop Troop Kids Basketball Game - NBA Hoop Troop is the most recent addition to the long list of ICE
branded sports-themed redemption games it offers!

NBA Hoop Troop is an exciting and kid-friendly game
that will be a staple piece for years to come. Featuring
an intense LED kit with over 100 LED's to enhance the already stunning graphics package, and paired with ?▪ acrylic backboard plus a gleaming hard wood floor,
NBA Hoop Troop is a SLAM DUNK for any location!

ICE incorporated the ever popular stationary basket,
ideal for minimal maintenance costs, and also uses a
5 1/2" ball which is easier for younger players to hold
and throw while being safer in case of bouncing back towards the player. Using the same software package
as ICE's other basketball games, Hoop Troop features
the 3 point hot shot during the last 10 seconds of every game making this competitive and enjoyable for all !

  NBA Hoop Troop Game Brochure

  NBA Hoop Troop Service Manual

 NBA Hoop Troop Live Video Clip 

Optional LED Lighting Package - Add $475
Optional Ticket Dispenser - Add $195
Optional Dollar Bill Acceptor / Stacker - Add $425
Optional 220V Operation (Transformer) - Add $295

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For Warranty Information
Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
Electrical Usage :  110V @ 4A  |  220V @ 2A
Players :
1 Player Kids Basketball Arcade Game

NBA Hoop Troop Kids Basketball Game Dimensions :
Height: 72", Width: 36", Depth: 78", Weight: 758 Lbs

Smart Industries Catalog

Shoot To
Win Jr.
Dual Basket

Two Player
Arcade Machine

Shoot To Win Jr Basketball Machine | From Smart Industries

$ 3575 !

Shoot To Win Jr.  - Dual Basket Basketball Game -
Smart Industries▪ extremely popular basketball game
is now sold in a smaller, "Junior" model with a cool
updated look! Score enough points on the first round
and you get the chance to play up to 2 more rounds!

Up to 16 units can be linked together for head-to-head competition! Features 3 Rounds of Play (2 rounds with Moving Hoop action) with Player Scoring Percentage
Game Feature. Comes with a solid All Steel Cabinet,
Real Hardwood Playing Floor, Polycarbonate Backboard for Lasting Durability, plus awesome Sound and Music !

Shoot To Win Junior 2-Player Basketball Features :

▪ Single or Dual Player Action | Big LED Scoreboard
▪ Great Game Sound Effects, Music & Rope Lighting !
▪ Adjustable Playing Time  |  Big LED Timer Display
▪ All-Steel Cabinet and Sturdy Hardwood Floor
▪ Sturdy and Durable Polycarbonate Backboard
▪ Dual Coin Comparator Mechs + Locking Coin Box
▪ Ticket Dispenser For Optional Ticket Play & Payout
▪ Easy Assembly - Fits Through Most Standard Doors
▪ Uses 7" to 9▪ Regulation Basketballs 

  Shoot To Win Jr. Basketball Brochure

Optional Dollar Bill Acceptor - Add $CALL
Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion - Add $250

Product Condition :
Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : See OEM Game Warranties
Power Requirements :
110 Volts | Optional 220V
Players : 1 - 2 Player Basketball Arcade Machine

Shoot To Win Jr. Dual Basket Model Machine Dimensions :
Height: 72", Width: 49", Depth: 74", Weight: 643 Lbs

Imply Tecnologia Eletronica | Arcade and Bowling Catalog

iJump Kids

Kids Basketball Arcade Machine


4 - 8 WEEKS

iJump Kids Basketball Machine Arcade Game From Imply Tecnologia Eletronica

i-Jump Kids Basketball Arcade Game Video Clip

(Shows Factory Produced Video)

$ 2975 !

i-Jump Kids Basketball Game- Innovative design, with vibrant colors, exciting music and now with unique lighting effects. i-Jump Kids was specially designed to catch the attention of kids and teens. Test your skills to make as many baskets as you can, and challenge your friends. i-Jump Kids is the champion of fun

i-Jump Kids Basketball Arcade Game Features :

LED's at the bottom create super lighting effects
Exciting Music and Sound Effects
Real Game Emotion, with extremely high scores
Innovative design, with vibrant colors, and fun
Stations can be linked for real time competitions
Super LED Displays show Credits, Time Countdown,
  Score and High score
Automatic Scoring System
 Coin, Bill, Token or Smart Card Payment Ready


  iJump Kids Basketball Brochure

 iJump Kids Basketball Factory Video

Optional Coin Acceptor - Add $ CALL 
Optional Token Acceptor - Add $ CALL 
Optional Dollar Bill Acceptor - Add $ CALL 

Product Condition: Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements: 110 Volts  |  220 Volts
Players: 1 Player Kids Basketball Arcade Game

i-Jump Kids Basketball Arcade Game Dimensions :
Height: 92.5", Width: 35", Depth: 72', Weight: 350 Lbs

Baytek Games / Bay Tek Games




Swish Kids Basketball Machine


Swish Kids Basketball Game - This clean colored and fast paced kiddie basketball game "Swish" encourages
younger players to shoot and score as many baskets
as possible in the time allowed !

Players must hurry in the last 10 seconds of the game,
s each basket is then worth a three point shot !

  Swish Kids Basketball Brochure

  Swish Basketball Service Manual

Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion - Add $275

Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V

Players :  1 Player Kids Basketball Machine Game

Swish Kiddie Basketball Redemption Game Dimensions :
Height: 78", Width: 31", Depth: 67", Weight: 506 Lbs

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