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Real Customer Testimonials Page   (Residential Customers Only)                         

Here you can read just a few of the many letters of praise and thanks we get from our awesome customers from all across America, after they decided to make their gaming purchase from us.

Some of our wonderful customers below have graciously allowed us to publish their contact
details in order for other potential customers to inquire about their experience

If you are a customer of or plan to be one, we'd love to hear about your
experience with us - After receiving your order, please tell us about it here : Testimonial Form

        (The @ sign is replaced by (at) for the privacy and security of our customers who have allowed us to publish their email addresses)


Dear BMI Team -

BMI Gaming was wonderful in making the major purchase of an Video Game an easy and enjoyable experience.

After comparing prices with every game distributor I could find and comparing prices all over the internet, I was able to confirm BMI had the overall lowest
price, along with the best shipping policy and best tech support offered.

This was also combined with the great customer assistance of your sales team, who were patient (even when I had tons of questions) and very knowledgeable.

Usually I find best price or the best customer service, but very rarely both as
I did with BMI Gaming.

If you are remotely considering this type of purchase, I recommend making
life quite a bit easier by calling BMI first.


Kelly Burns
Westlake Village, CA
kburns (at)


Dear BMI Gaming :

We recently bought a Arcade Legends from your firm. Your website was so
easy to use!

My husband showed it to me and I searched deeper into it and really found what we were looking for. I found the store policies I needed to see and the different games that I knew my boys would like, and which game had the most games
on it for the best price. The gentleman on the phone was very helpful when I
was ordering the other add-on packs for the game.

We liked the product so much, we have already ordered another arcade game,
Pac Man & Ms Pac Man from you. The Arcade Legends is working great, the kids love it, I love it. The ease of adding the additional games is great, and even my husband could do it, and he is not very technically advanced, so that was great too!

Tami Mohamed
(contact details withheld upon request)


To the great people at BMI,

I want to thank you for a wonderful buying experience with my new pinball machine.

There is a scary factor in buying something on the internet, but I also have had a very bad previous experience with a gameroom company. They lied to me, took forever to get my machine, tried to jack the price at the end, and had one of the worst delivery experiences of my life
- Needless to say I was apprehensive.

I could not be happier with the entire experience with BMI. Your customer service was great through the entire purchase process. The delivery people were helpful and willing to do what it takes to do the job right. I needed to call tech support
once and was given quick and easy solutions that answered all my questions.

Thank you BMI ! There is no question that I will make more purchases from your
company as well as recommend you to all my friends.

Alan Cantor
Ann Arbor, Michigan
(email address and phone number withheld upon request)


Dear BMI ,

I wanted to make you aware of the phenomenal customer service treatment
that I experienced from one of your employees recently.

About a week before Christmas, I spoke to one of your staff and told her I would purchase an arcade game if it could get to my house in California befoe the 25th

She did some homework and called back very quickly assuring me it could be done if I were to pay for expedited shipping.  Done deal; or so I thought.

The local shipping company, to make a very long story short, let me know late
on the 22nd that my purchase would be delivered on the 27th. I spoke to one of your staff again who immediately took a personal passion to my plight and
within a few hours had the shipment scheduled to be delivered on the 23rd through another local carrier.

Not only did she solve my little crisis in the busiest season of the year, she made
herself totally accountable and accessible throughout the process.  I will now be
an ?independent salesman? for your company recommending your firm at any
chance I have with folks that have an interest in your products.

At the company I work at we have embraced a book ?Good To Great? by Jim
Collins. Your entire team embodies the overall theme of the book with their
enthusiasm and commitment to their jobs.                    

Best of luck!

Kirk Johnson
KJohnson (at)


I recently purchased the Golden Tee Golf video machine.

This is the first time I have bought something of this magnitude online and
was very nervous about making a $4,000.00 purchase without being able
to first touch and feel it. The machine arrived as expected and everything
went perfectly as planned.

I would have no concerns about using BMI in the future and this will not be
my last purchase from them. My friends and family love the game and a
Super Bowl party is on its way!

Chris Shore
Saline, MI
chriss (at)


I just wanted to let you know that dealing with your company was a real pleasure.
It's hard sometimes to order stuff on the internet clear across the country and not knowing what you are getting yourself into.

But the experience dealing with you was perfect. I got to track the pinball machine clear across the country, it was delivered on time, and the guys that took it off the truck were real troopers. My husband loves the gift and all is well.

I just wanted to say "Keep up the good work"!


Karen Blacksmith
blacksmithshotro (at)


Great shopping experience. Excellent value with responsive and friendly
customer service. Delivery was handled professionally and carefully.

Our new Stern Pinball Machine has been a quite a hit with the family
and friends. High quality product that is a real blast to play!

I highly recommend BMI Gaming and will personally buy from them again.

CJ Hill
Boxford, Massachusetts
hubbmann (at)


Bought a Arcade Legends recently from you....

Game arrived on time, packed beautifully. Customer support for startup issues was fast and accurate.... purchased all the additional add-on games, your tech support was fast to respond, and to assist in some installation issues.

Now have fifty some games in one machine - The hit of every party! Friends ask how they can get one. For the nine other games in my game room, no other sales or service experience from any other company has come as close as BMI Gaming has.

Meeting or exceeding the customers expectations is indeed the key !!

Al Hodge
Atlanta, GA
azhodge (at)


My friends thought I was a little odd for buying a pinball machine.
They thought I was crazy to buy one from a company several states away.
But I talked to many companies and decided BMI was the most professional.

David gave me an honest assessment about the condition of the game and
answered all of my gaming questions. When the game arrived, it met and
exceeded all of my expectations.

I was very happy with my experience with BMI Gaming, and in fact I plan on
buying another machine from them very soon.

Joe Williams
Dallas, TX
joe.williams (at)


Dear BMI:

Considering that you folks went through one of the worst hurricane seasons on record, and still finished my pinball machine reconditioning earlier than expected, AND got it to my kids on time for Christmas, and were beyond excellence in professionalism as far as my game warranty repairs were concerned, all I have to say to everyone involved is that you have, bar none,
the most motivated, courteous and skilled group of game technicians, sales,
and managerial staff ever comprised in a single business that I have EVER
dealt with in my life !!!

I wish your team all the success and prosperity it is due in your future -
And I will be buying my next game from you, rest assured !!

Rick Burnham
(contact details withheld upon request)


Dear BMI Gaming,

This was our very first time to purchase anything on the internet, and we were very nervous about it. Your team was great! The order was placed just 2 days before a hurricane hit, and the power was down for about a week, but in
spite of that they continued to work and the game was built and shipped
within just a few weeks.

The tracking system was fun to follow and keep track of where the machine was along the way. Delivery was very timely and the inside delivery was super! The shipping guys couldn't have been nicer, they unwrapped the machine and brought it inside and placed it exactly where we wanted it and it looks
beautiful and plays beautifully.

My husband and I love the Arcade Legend. It is perfect in every way. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE ARCADE LEGENDS !!!! IT IS WONDERFUL !!!! The extra game packs were very easy to add on. Everything went fine and I am enjoying the
Arcade Legends along with my children and grand children.

We are so happy we can't say enough good things about the game and the company.

Thank you so much for making our first internet shopping experience so
easy and secure!  BMI Gaming is a very professional company that we
WILL do business with again in the future.

Vickie A.
Abilene, TX
peacesymbol (at)


I wanted to comment on the excellent service that I received from one of you service persons when they assisted me with repairs on the pinball machines
that we purchased from BMI.

His response was quick to my request for assistance, and his temperament friendly and patient as he walked me through troubleshooting and repair.

I had already recommended BMI to others for the excellent sales service I had received, but now I will also add excellent tech support when I recommend BMI !


Bill Reed
Saint Louis, MO
whr2 (at)


A week and a half before Christmas, I inquired about ordering a Arcade Legends
for my family. I got the best price, customer service, and the game all a few days
before the holiday. It was stress-free !!!

I think BMI is the biggest and best company in the arcade and gaming industry.

Anthony Demonaco
Brooklyn, NY
Ademonaco (at)


Ordered a air hockey table and foosball table. When it arrived, I was a little concerned that some of the parts were missing. I called your customer
service dept, and your girl handled it professionally  and had the
manufacturer directly ship me the missing parts.

I have now come back to BMI Gaming to complete my family room with a pinball machine.

Thanks for a job well done !

Frank Novak
Gaithersburg, Md.
fannov (at)


I recently purchased an pinball machine from you. I want to compliment
you on every aspect of the transaction. My game arrived on time, in great
shape, and the deliverymen could not have been more helpful and polite.

Many thanks, I will be back for another pin at a later date.

Michael Hamilton
Coto de Caza, CA
msh1908 (at)


You guys rock - Received my Simpson's Pinball Party in just a couple of weeks -
Truly spectacular. The game is awesome, service was amazing!

I'd totally order from you guys again - Thanks SO much !!

Peter Shankman
New York, NY
(email address and phone number withheld upon request)


My experience was very positive, from the customer service to the final delivery.
This is a big purchase to make, but the customer assistance made it easy to
make a decision and built my confidence that I was buying from a trustworthy
business like BMI Gaming.

The final results were well worth it - we love our machines!

Mark Martin
Greyslake, IL
(email address and phone number withheld upon request)


Hey Guys -

I received the game today. Thank you.  I'm very pleased with my purchase
from BMI Gaming..! 

Thanks again for the "Theatre of Magic"....

Scott Pritchard 
Long Beach, CA
astrodog (at)


I wanted to say thank you for a smooth transition regarding my recent purchase
Shipping across the US went perfectly.

I called your service department a few times yesterday to get the unit up and running. They helped me out big time and were very easy to talk to. 

Thanks again!

I look forward to doing business with you in the future and keep passing your
company name off to everyone who wants to know where I got my pin!

DW Neuman 
Concord, CA
dwneuman (at)


Dear BMI

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the game I bought
from you guys was well worth the wait..  It is in much better cosmetic
condition than any of the machines I looked at locally.

Your service techs did an excellent job on the refurbishment, and they
have been very responsive to any questions I've had about the game itself.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I decided to go with you guys!!


Ryan Bean
Garland, TX
ryan.bean (at)


Hi. I'm 13 and i love your web site. I wish i could buy everything on your web site !

But I've got no money. I just want to say BMI better be there when i become a lawyer so i can buy all the things i want. So I just wanted to say your store is sooooooooooo awesome! There should be more people like you guys - I love
this store!

So... please stay where you guys are in about 13 more years so i can spend $1,000,000.00 on your merchandise.  Please don't close your store........

OR ELSE !!!!!

Keith R.
(contact details withheld)


Dear BMI...

I have over 100 machines in my pinball collection, and the pinball machine I purchased from you was a great find.

To have a "New In Box" machine that was made in 1985 is very hard to come
by. The machine arrived just as you described: "New in the box, never been played"....



Dave Rautio
Aurora, IL
dave (at)


Dear BMI Gaming,

I had the opportunity to play Taxi pinball not long after Williams produced the original game almost 15 years ago. I started looking early last year to see if
they still existed and did a lot of web searching. Your web site is by far the
most thorough and complete.

Your refurbishing process is superior and my Taxi game looks immaculate
for a refurbished game, especially the new legs. Your delivery service and warranty services again are superior.

I can truly say that from my 1st contact with your Sales staff, then with
Customer Service, and finally with your Technical Support team, it was
pleasant, helpful and easy. I hope to be able to acquire one of your
fabulous 45 RPM record player jukebox sometime in the future.

Thanks for a great game!

Dan Paterson
Hyde Park, NY
paterson (at)


Hi !

Just wanted to let you know that we are LOVING our new game! It brings back so many memories for us! It was also great to get to meet everyone there and we had a real blast playing all the machines you showcase that we don't
have room for here!

If you're ever in AZ, call us and come see our play house !

Thanks again.

Shari & Jack Bender
Scottsdale, AZ
sharib2003 (at)


I recently purchased the Arcade Legends and the Sports Game Pack.
Delivery of these items was very timely and the inside delivery was super.

Everything went fine and I am enjoying the Arcade Legends along with my
children and grand children.

Thank you for the great service.

Donald Westfall
Orlando, FL



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