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BMI Worldwide is one of the fastest growing amusement and gaming distributors in the world,
and is the established market leader in global online distribution area of the amusement industry.

Why are we the market leaders? One reason is because we offer the absolute best customer
service in the industry, which has been one of the hallmarks of BMI Gaming since the beginning.
Another is offering the largest selection of arcade games in the world in one place, with as much
information as possible, and supplying our customers with total price transparency, all of which
distinguishes us from the competition. - These are just a few of the benchmarks that have helped
us define who we are, and are important values that have gotten us to where we are today. was founded on several core principals like honesty, integrity and a dedication
to serving and growing our international customer base, with market dominance obtained through
the use of new and innovative marketing strategies, which has provided us with a sustainable
competitive advantage to date; coupled along with a strong strategic vision from our management
team, these actions have consistently produced near-triple digit growth since our inception up to
2008 - while maintaining a very low expense ratio. With our new plan in place, our future growth
will consistently return some the highest profit margins and ROI possible as compared to current
industry metrics, in order to provide future investors with a high rate of return on invested capital. was recognized by
Inc. Magazine for inclusion in its annual "Inc. 500 List" of
America's fastest growing private companies,
and by PriceWaterhouseCoopers & Entrepreneur
as one the "Hot 100" fastest growing firms in America, and was selected for the past
three years in a row by Internet Retailer Magazine (2006, 2007. 2008) for the "Top 500 List Of
Internet Retailers",
which ranks e-commerce firms according to their annual gross web sales.

BMI Worldwide is now in the execution stage of becoming the first truly global distributor of
arcade and amusement products, with plans to rapidly expand its current operations, which
began with the opening of its first international office in
Bogot? Colombia in March 2011 that
serves the Latin American markets,
and the pending openings of sales, service and product
showrooms in London, UK, Dubai, AE, Sydney, AU and Mumbai, IN in the next 12-18 months,
as well as other select strategic industry acquisitions and partner alliances.

We are now seeking qualified investors who can commit from $250K- $2M to expand our
operations globally, using a mix of acquisitions and new sales offices in targeted markets,
with a estimated 4 to 5 year window on full return of capital, in return for a very healthy ROI.

We are always interested in speaking with qualified individuals, angels or private equity firms
who are able to advise, fund or assist us in growing and dominate the above targeted markets.

Corporate Headquarters

BMI Worldwide, Inc.
3500 NW Boca Raton Boulevard
Building 721
Boca Raton, FL 33431 USA

Investor Relations Contact

David Young, CEO
Email:  david @
LinkedIn :

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