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          BMI Worldwide  |  List of Charities and Non-Profit Organizations We Support



One of our missions at BMI Worldwide is to make a positive and lasting contribution back to 
the various global communities where our customers and suppliers live, work and play, and to
that end, we offer assistance in various ways to charitable organizations that meet our guidelines.

Our charitable emphasis is on self-reliance for the poor, childrens health, disease eradication,
disaster relief, hunger and education, with donations focused on NPO's that support these areas.

We also support the fight against global poverty, and highly recommend to our customers a
new way to support this cause, via Kiva, which developed a method that allows any individual or
firm to easily lend small amounts ($25 or more) of working capital to struggling entrepreneurs in
poverty-stricken countries around the globe. By doing so, people like you can now loan affordable
working capital directly to the poor (funds to buy
store inventory, a sewing machine, livestock, etc.)
and help empower the poor to earn their way out of a life of poverty, with just the click of a button

Please consider loaning a just small amount of your money (refundable!) and help directly
change the life a of poverty-stricken entrepreneur in countries around the world visiting KIVA today

Here is a partial list of local, national and global charities and non-profit organizations to which we
have provided cash donations, event sponsorship, free products and/or direct support to in the past :

American Heart Association
American Red Cross
American Amusement Machine Charitable Foundation (AAMCF)
Brooklyn Philharmonic
Children's Miracle Network  
Covenant House
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Dave's Memory Revs On
Deliver the Dream
Doctors Without Boarders
Factor Foundation
Florida Hurricane Relief Fund Trust
Habitat For Humanity
Humane Society
Kids Enjoy Exercise Now  (K.E.E.N)
Kids In Distress / Kids Classic Charity Event
Make-A-Wish Foundation
New Works Fellowship

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Relay For Life
South Florida Food Bank

WXEL - TV  |  Public Service Broadcasting
WXEL - 90.7 FM  |  Public Service Broadcasting


KIVA - Loans That Change Lives

   BMI Gaming strongly supports Kiva.Org, which has developed a method allowing individuals and firms
  to directly lend  small amounts of working capital to struggling entrepreneurs in poverty-stricken countries
  around the globe. By doing so, people   just like you can now provide affordable working capital directly to
  the poor (money to buy a sewing machine, livestock, inventory)  empowering them to earn their way out of
  a life of poverty -
Please help join the fight against global poverty by lending to Kiva.Org today


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