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 Archived Company News  |  2003                                                                     

12/15/03 - BMI Gaming announces the exploration of producing its own branded "driving"
and other video games for sale into the home and office market channels, and is evaluating
several game contract manufacturers, game component and game software suppliers. 

- BMI Gaming has now reached a major milestone in its campaign to be the leading
distributor of amusement devices to the home and office markets in the USA by breaking into
Top 100,000 websites in the world based on daily traffic ranking, according to data recently
published by Alexa (owned by, a service that ranks website traffic worldwide.

- BMI Gaming reaches a web site creation milestone with over 1 Gigabyte (1GB)
of total online content on its main site,, which now spans over 215

information and product pages and containing over one half million (531,615) words.

10/07/03 - BMI Gaming announces its 1st Annual Holiday Open House / Charity Fundraiser
 for the American Cancer Society scheduled for 11/01/03. Read the official press release.

10/03/03 - BMI Gaming  announces it has launched its new line of gaming products on its
web site today, consisting of Slot Machines and Commercial Casino Card Table Products.

- BMI Gaming announces current talks to acquire another prominent web portal in
the home recreational market, and that its September 2003 revenues and profits more than
doubled from August, with web traffic increasing by only 9% from August to 49,000 visitors,
mainly due to its former ISP having power and internet backbone outages during this period. 

10/01/03 - BMI Gaming announces it has partnered with several prominent online shopping
portals and will start to data stream portions of its catalog of fine game room products to
of the top 10 shopping sites by the end of October 2003, and is considering issuing a print
catalog of game room products and accessories early in Q2/2004.

09/29/03 - BMI Gaming announces it has completed its move to its new ISP and reports that
its page load times have decreased substantially (by almost 35%) compared to its previous
host, allowing its growing base of customers faster access to its expanding product lines.

- BMI Gaming announces it has been authorized to carry the famous Rock-Ola
line of American made quality jukeboxes and the
Paragon line of popcorn / snack machines. 

- BMI Gaming announces three new franchises to its growing roster of quality gaming manufacturers it distributes to the rapidly-growing "hi-end" home and office gaming markets,
including the
Ultracade line of multi-game, classic video arcade machines, the world famous
Skee-Ballline of amusement products and the Medalist line of tournament dart machines.

- BMI Gaming announces the acquisition of a prominent web portal catering to home
gaming users with over 34,000 visitors per month. With the completion of this acquisition, the
company now reaches over 65,000 unique visitors per month online within the rapidly-growing
home / office recreation markets seeking purchase and general arcade gameroom information. 

09/17/03 - BMI Gaming announces its pending website move to one of the largest web hosts in
the USA to handle its fast-growing website traffic and ensuring its servers have 99.999% uptime.

09/10/03 -
BMI Gaming announces pending talks with several major arcade game producers
for distribution rights for the home and office game room markets, and it will be attending the
AOMA show in Las Vegas to seek new suppliers for its growing line of gaming products.

09/07/03 - BMI Gaming reports a record month of sales for August and the doubling of
its monthly "unique visitor" traffic on its web site to about 20,000 visitors per month, and
recorded an all-time high of over one million page hits to its site for the month of August.

09/04/03 -
BMI Gaming announces the expansion of current warehousing space and the
doubling of available public showroom space near its Boca Raton, Florida headquarters.

09/01/03 - BMI Gaming announces that it now accepts all major credit cards, including
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, in addition to all PayPal payments.

08/20/03 - BMI Gaming announces that it is in the process of securing a new warehouse,
showroom and logistics space to consolidate ongoing operations and expects to complete
the consolidation and move by Q2/2004. 

08/12/03 -
BMI Gaming announces that it has picked up the Wurlitzer line of quality
Jukeboxes, Soda Machines and other coin-op devices for its expanding product lines.

- BMI Gaming announces that it will expand it product offerings to include pool
tables, pool table accessories and various pool room and gameroom furniture by Q1/2004.

06/30/03 - BMI Gaming announces that its application has been approved and accepted
into the SquareTrade
Safe Trading and Reliability Program

06/12/03 - BMI Gaming announces two new product lines have been added to its
nationwide web site: Jukeboxes and Soda / Snack Machines.

- BMI Gaming announces the opening of its new PayPal retail store.

06/03/03 - BMI Gaming announces six new product lines have been added to the national
web site: Air Hockey Tables, Bubble Hockey Tables, Foosball Tables, Dart Machines,
Sit-Down Video Arcade Games and Large-Format Arcade Games.

- BMI Gaming joins the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce to expand its local
market activities and to contribute to the growth of the local community.

- BMI Gaming, members of the Southeast Florida BBB has now become eligible
and certified under the National Better Business Bureau's BBB Online Reliability Program.

04/16/03 - Due to growing demand, we have acquired additional warehouse facilities to
house our growing collection of quality late model pinball and video arcade games.

- BMI Gaming joins the Billiard Congress Of American (BCA), America's leading
association for the pool table and billiards industry at the Annual BCA Show in Las Vegas

04/08/03 - We have now started to stock and market a limited supply of video games,
and expect to increase our market presence in this segment in the near future.

- Our warehouse is now fully open to the public Monday - Friday from 10am-4pm.

-  e have now started our bi-monthly "open house" program to allow the public to
inspect and play all of games for free during the early evening hours (usually from 6pm-11pm)
Check out our main page for future upcoming dates.


   End of BMI Gaming News  (there was no news page active in 2002)


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