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  This is a ongoing project to document
and present interesting facts and figures about  BMI
   Last Updated : 04/18/2017   |   Website, Social Media, Demographic & Product Statistics

 ( Brackets indicate when statistic last updated  or FY / Fiscal Year data range)
47 Million    Web pages have been viewed on since its inception in 2003  (02/2017)
17 Million   People have visited since its inception in 2003  (02/2017)
9.4 Million   Video Clips have been viewed on the BMIGaming YouTube Channel since 2007  (04/2017)
7.8 Million   Characters were typed and contained within the current website (05/2017)
7.2 Million   Minutes of Videos were watched on the BMIGaming YouTube Channel since inception  (04/2017)
2.9 Million   Web pages were viewed on the website in 2016 as tracked by Quantcast  (02/2017)
1.6 Million   Minutes of Videos were watched on the BMIGaming YouTube Channel in 2016  (01/2017)
1.5 Million   Words have been written and contained within the current website (05/2017)
1.2 Million   People per year visited in 2016 as tracked by Quantcast   (02/2017)
334,528   External Backlinks from 1427 domains point to  (04/2017 / Majestic Report)
141,064   Lines of Code are used to power the current website (05/2017)
138,346   Active Hyperlinks are contained within the web pages on  (04/2017)
137,950   Minutes of Videos watched per month on the BMIGaming YouTube Channel during 2016  (01/2017)
105,000   Google search results are returned if you search for "bmigaming"  (04/2017)
102,000   People per month visited during 2016 as tracked by Quantcast   (02/2017)
96,554   People currently network with us via Email / Newsletter + Social Media Channels  (04/2017)
74,118   Total Files are currently stored on the web server  (04/2017)
58,116   Images are stored on the web server  (04/2017)
53,936   Product Searches were made on the website in 2016  (02/2017)
54,880   US Traffic Rank among over 3M+ websites tracked worldwide by Quantcast  (04/2017)
54,453   People currently receive the Amusement & Arcade Games Newsletter  (04/2017)
45,101   People follow us via one of our seven Social Media Networks  (0/2017)
35,602   Customers who have purchased products online from  (As of 04/2017)
26,671   People currently follow our Facebook + Facebook En Espa?l Pages (04/2017)
7,880   People currently subscribe to our YouTube Channel  (04/2017)
7,560   People currently follow our LinkedIn Pages  (04/2017)
7,136   Product Pictures currently active on the website  (04/2017)
4,448   Product Brochures currently active on the website  (02/2016)
3,401   People per day visited during 2016  (04/2017)
2,710   People who requested a Live Chat on the website in 2015  (02/2016)
1,943   People currently follow us on Twitter  (04/2017)
1,400   Amusement and Vending Products (estimated) for sale on  (02/2017)
1,147   Service Manuals currently active on the website  (04/2017)
996   Web Pages are currently active on the website  (04/2017)
555   Original Videos have been created and posted to our YouTube Channel  (04/2017)
523   People currently follow our Google + Channels  (04/2017)
461   People currently follow our Pinterest Page  (04/2017)
274   People currently follow our InstaGram Page - Even though we've never posted a pic  (04/2017)
221   Countries represented by people who visited in 2016  (02/2017)
154   Consecutive months that has been ranked # 1 in industry web traffic  (04/2017)
84   Product Manufacturers that are currently represented by  (02/2016)
15   Number of years that has been in the Amusement Distribution Business  (03/2017)
7   Webpages made up the entire website at the official website launch in 2003
3   Number of Continents BMIGaming has offices in : Africa, South America & North America  (04/2017)
1   Global Rank for our YouTube Channel among all arcade industry channels worldwide  (04/2017)
1   Global Rank for among all arcade industry websites by Quantcast  (04/2017)
$1.2 Million   Cost of the most expensive product  (4D Theatron) offered for sale by  (01/2016)
$ 504,225   Is the estimated click value of all organic visitor traffic to in 2015  (01/2016)
82 %   Percent of visitors to come from organic search and direct traffic  (FY 2015)
74 %   Percent of visitors to are male  (FY 2015)
62 %   Percent of visitors to are from the United States  (FY 2015)
52 %   Percent of visitors to used a desktop computer  (FY 2015)
50 %   Percent of visitors to are in the 35 to 64 age group  (FY 2015)
37 %   Percent of visitors to live outside of the USA  (FY 2015)
36 %   Percent of visitors to used a mobile device  (FY 2015)
26 %   Percent of visitors to are female  (FY 2015)
14 %   Percent of visitors to come from a paid web advertisement   (FY 2015)
13 %   Percent of visitors to used a tablet device  (FY 2015)

Data Sources  :   BMIGaming Google Analytics YouTube Analytics Quantcast Majestic WebBudget

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