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Annual ‘Best of Show Arcade Machine Awards’ for Innovation and Creativity in New
Arcade Machines and Amusement Devices throughout the industry is announced

(Feb 7, 2013 - Boca Raton, FL)
- and The Stinger Report announced
the highly anticipated 2013 Best of Show Arcade Machine Awards (BOSA) that signify
the best new gaming innovations and applications as seen in the amusement industry,
and new for 2013, the BOSA Awards continues to grow in scope, with the inclusion of
a newly created award category for ‘Videmption (Video Redemption) Arcade Games’.


Marking its second year, and having generated a strong industry following, BMI Gaming
and The Stinger Report are pleased to announce the 2013 Best of Show Award winners,
which are supported with an official awards plaque bestowed to it recipients, with trade
 promotion opportunities accorded to winners to help promote their innovative new products.


The BOSA has become a rallying point in spearheading both innovation and originality
within the amusement and attraction sector. After an exhaustive review of the latest new
arcade machines represented at the end of 2012, during the IAAPA Amusement Expo in
Orlando, FL, and through a very arduous voting process between The Stinger Report and teams, the 2013 BOSA Award winners are ready to be announced today.


The BOSA Awards are currently split into three product categories that chart both new
and important amusement products in the industry, broken down into three metal awards
of Gold, Silver and Bronze, and a “Notable Mention” Award :

Category One : ‘Video Arcade Games’


Gold Medal Dark Escape 4D  (Bandai Namco Games)   |  Video  |  Photo

The marriage of the latest physical effects with a compelling and unique “horror”
themed gameplay offers some real thrills in small theater-style package.

Silver Medal Winter X Games SnoCross  (Raw Thrills)   |  Video  |  Photo

High-octane snowmobile racing game with a highly physical driving position supported

by the latest social networking infrastructure achieves a new level of player competition. 


Bronze Medal Dream Raiders  (SEGA Amusements)   |  Video  |  Photo
Creating a compelling mix of motion effects with an original shooting narrative, wrapped

in an attractive and eye-catching cabinet package designed to appeal to first-time players.


Notable Mention Award The Swarm 3D  (Global VR)   |  Video  |  Photo
Breaking into the realm of stereoscopic 3-D in the video arcade game sector, with the
marriage of a compelling shooting game combined with an immersive screen presentation.


Category Two : ‘Videmption Arcade Games’


Gold Medal Sea Wolf 55  (Coastal Amusements)   |  Video  |  Photo
Taking the original 1970’s classic video battle game to a new level of player excitement with
a new presentation and outstanding design to make a ‘super-sized’ redemption extravaganza.

Silver Medal Harpoon Lagoon  (ICE Games)   |  Video  |  Photo

The combination of simultaneous four-player action on a compelling 47’’ flat-screen table-top display, along with addicting gameplay and graphics, singles this game out for special attention.


Bronze Medal Temple Run Arcade  (Coastal Amusements)   |  Video  |  Photo
 Taking the highly popular iOS game app, which was re-packaged into a notable cabinet, along with its addictive gameplay makes this fun videmption title one that keep players coming back.

Notable Mention Award Black Out  (Adrenaline Amusement)   |  Video  |  Photo

Highly original application of the first-of-its-kind “transparent” touchscreen LCD technology in the amusement industry, combined with a prize vending component to make a truly unique game.


Category Three : ‘Redemption Arcade Games’


Gold Medal Biggest Catch  (Family Fun Companies)   |  Video  |  Photo
Unique among modern games, this extremely fun and challenging ball-drop game combined ‘old-time’ mechanical game action with a modern LED-lighted cabinet that ensures fun for all.

Silver Medal En Shoot  (Andamiro Entertainment)   |  Video  |  Photo

Making the classic hoop game into much more of a ‘hot shot’ with redemption and mini-game elements and ‘special’ balls for higher points that takes basketball games to a brand new level.


Bronze Medal Balloon Buster  (LAI Games)   |  Video  |  Photo

Very colorful and eye-catching ‘balloon popping’ prize redemption game is placed in a
carnival-style cabinet package that attracts players with its simple and quick gameplay.

Notable Mention Ticket Tornado  (Coast to Coast Entertainment)   |  Video  |  Photo

Challenging and fun amusement device that offers players a chance to ‘grab’ tickets ‘out of the air’ while offering both redemption and a special ‘bonus tickets’ element for location promotion.


To view
exclusive live-active, high-definition video clips, product pictures and other information on all the 2013 BOSA award-winning arcade machines this year, please visit :


The BOSA awards recipients were judged internally by the staff at both and The Stinger Report, based on products reviewed at the end of 2012 at the IAAPA Amusement Expo; with awards going to new arcade games that score high in the areas of ‘game originality’,
‘market relevance’ and a ‘unique or popular approach’, along with the all important “fun factor” experienced during gameplay, plus other criteria used to judge potential BOSA winners.


Growing in size each year, the BOSA will continue to chart new gaming trends and use of

new and innovating technology that shape the digital out-of-home entertainment arena.


The physical BOSA Awards will be handed-out during the 2013 Amusement Expo in Las Vegas in March - and as the BOSA is quickly becoming a noted ”mark of excellent” within the industry for unique new products that buyers can use to their advantage, BOSA winners can promote their products in trade press and marketing literature using specially-created BOSA logos..

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