Object: Become the Champion.

Playfield Overview:
Starting from the left side of the playfield moving clockwise;

  1. Scanner. The scanner is an eject hole on the far left side of the playfield. The scanner is lit by completing all 3 checkered
    flag standup targets. When lit the scanner can randomly award different features.
  2. Left orbit. The left and right entrances to the inner orbit are considered to be the "short track". There is a spinner at the
    entrance to each. The spinners move the lamp for the next available mode. Each entrance has its own individual buildup
    which leads to a timed mode. The left orbit builds to award "SPEED SHOTS". Also each entrance can trigger a small diverter
    pin at the top of the orbit which drops a ball into the pop bumpers. The orbit shots not only build the entrances but award short
    track laps. These laps at various levels can turn on a feature called "Road Course".
  3. Left Ramp. The left ramp leads a shot into the side of "The Hauler". Inside the Hauler is a spinning target not unlike targets in
    mini-golf. If a ball goes up the ramp and misses the spinning target, it continues to the back of the ramp and is then pushed
    out and around to the right ramp exit. All balls shot onto the ramps are awarded "Hauler Miles". Hauler miles award 3 different things at rising levels. These include, light extra ball, light super jackpot, Light the outlanes ( Special ). If a ball hits the spinning target, it bounces slightly back and is diverted to "PIT ROAD". Pit Road is the main ball locking area. Balls that hit the spinning
    target move the player up 1 race position. If lock is lit the ball will be locked on pit road. Otherwise the ball is passed thru the
    lock area and back onto the playfield via the Scanner area.
  4. Test car. The test car is a rotationally molded car which the player can hit. Hitting the test car a predefined number of times
    causes it to rise above the playfield exposing a scoop. This scoop is called "The Garage". Shots to the garage when lit start
    the various modes in the game.
  5. Right orbit: See left orbit above. The right orbit builds to award "HARD RACIN".
  6. Right ramp. The right ramp leads to a diverter which can feed either flipper inlane. In different modes the diverter attempts to
    get the ball to the most helpful flipper. Normally the left ramp returns the ball to the left flipper, and the right ramp returns the
    ball to the right flipper. This enables a player to make a shot that gets a ball quickly to the opposing flipper. The right ramp
    can start and award "Victory Laps", and "Road Course".when lit
  7. 3 Bank Drop Targets. The 3 bank of drop targets is located just to the right and below the entrance of the right ramp. These
    targets can award different things. The first thing they award is a bonus X on a per ball basis. The second thing they award is lighting a collect R-A-C-E shot. R_A_C_E shots are how the player spells RACE to start main multiball. They can also award,
    if lit, Extra Ball, Super Jackpot, and Mode bonus.
  8. Captive ball. The captive ball has 2 lamps that can be lit with it. The first is a Jackpot shot. The second is labeled "SPIN". In
    normal game play when "SPIN" is lit, hitting it moves the player up 1 race position. This is alternated with the rotating car. In
    multi-ball, however, SPIN causes any ball on the racetrack to exit and a new, higher, jackpot value to be frozen. See Main Multi-ball.
  9. The Race Track. The race track is a loop that goes completely around the playfield. Balls can enter the race track from the plunger lane and from pit road. Balls can exit the race track thru a diverter leading to pit road, a diverter into the main playfield on the right side of the game, and can drain into the bottom trough. Balls circle the race track via a set of magnets and can circle for as many
    as 10 laps.


To start main Multi-ball (RACE MULTI-BALL ) :

Light all 4 letters in the RACE spellout. To light race letters make lit R-A-C-E shots. R-A-C-E shots are lit everytime the drop targets are completed. When RACE is completed the left ramp will light LOCK. Locking 2 balls will light Multi-ball. Make the left ramp shot to start

Starting Multi-ball will light one JACKPOT shot. After making the Jackpot shot the left ramp will light for BONUS JACKPOT. Making this
shot will re-light jackpot shots, adding one each jackpot cycle. This shot also lights the drop targets for SUPER JACKPOT. At the same
time the ball that made the Bonus Jackpot shot will re-enter the racetrack for 10 laps. Anytime a ball is on the racetrack a new higher jackpot value can be set by hitting the SPIN shot. Making the spin shot removes the racing ball from the track and multi-ball continues. Multi-ball continues until only one ball remains on the playfield.


In normal play hitting the TEST CAR will raise it above the playfield. Under the Test Car is the Garage scoop.

There are 10 awards available from the Garage. These are indicated by the circle of inserts between the slingshots. Thses awards

The currently available award is flashing. This can be changed by the 2 spinner shots. The left spinner moves the available award clockwise, the right spinner moves the available award counterclockwise. Following are the rules for each award.

HAPPY HOUR: 2 ball multi-ball. Shooting into the open garage awards a jackpot value. Shooting the left ramp places a ball onto the
race track for 3 laps and awards/increases the jackpot value. Play continues until 1 ball remains on the playfield.

INFIELD PARTY: Add-a-ball. Mode begins with 1 ball on the race track for 10 laps.
. The two orbit shots are lit for jackpots. Making a
jackpot shot awards the current infield value and gets the orbiting ball from the race track into play. A third ball can be added to the
race track and the same sequence occurs. The infield value is incremented all game by the Pop Bumpers.

SHORT TRACK: Timed mode. The left and right orbits are lit for ascending value jackpots.

TEST CAR: Timed mode. Hitting the test car awards jackpots. Hitting the captive ball raises the value of the car hits.

HAULER RIDE: Add-a-ball: Mode begins with 1 ball on race track for 10 laps. Hitting the left ramp awards jackpots. Hitting the
spinning  car toy awards double jackpots. The left ramp brings the orbiting ball onto the playfield. A third ball can be added in
the same way.

LIGHT EXTRA BALL: Lights the drop targets to award extra ball.

BUMP N' RUN: Hitting the Test car awards Jackpots. The 2 spinners raise the jackpot value.

RIGHT SIDES ONLY: Timed mode. The 4 jackpot shots on the right side of the playfield light. Hitting a jackpot shot removes it from
the sequence. The drop targets award Super Jackpot. Super Jackpot award is based on how many jackpots have been awarded
before collecting Super. Once all 4 jackpots have been collected they re-light.

SUPER FAN: Timed mode. The 2 ramps are lit to collect increasing Super Fan jackpots.

GAS N' GO: Unique Timed mode in which the garage lights Jackpot shots.

The jackpot shots can be either collected in the mode or are left lit when the mode ends. The jackpot shots are available until the
end of that ball.


SPEED SHOTS: Speed shots is awarded by completing the buildup on the left orbit. Speed shots is a timed mode that lights all
major shots for 500,000 points. It can run concurrently with most other modes.

HARD RACING: Hard Racing is awarded by completing the buildup on the right orbit. Hard Racing is a timed mode that lights a
logical combination of shots around the playfield. Each succeeding shot awards a 1,000,000 point jackpot.

ROAD COURSE: Road Course is available after X short track laps. Road course is accomplished by shooting the right ramp up
to 5 times before ball end. This is a incrementing scoring feature.


The spinning car in the hauler, when hit, awards a moveup in race position of 1 place ( 10th-->9th ) for example. When the car is
not turning the SPIN shot is lit and can also move up one position. Getting to first place in a game awards a bonus and lights
victory lap. Victory Lap lights all shots for 1,000,000 points ( timed ). Victory Lap also awards one CHAMP1 letter. After 1st place
the race position resets to 10th place.


Bonus consists of the following: The bonus multiplier is a 1 ball X of the number of times the drop targets have been completed.
The points awarded in bonus come from Infield Value, Current race position, Number of CHAMP1 letters awarded, Number of
1st places achieved in the game are also factored in.


SUPER PARTY: Super Party is available after all of the garage modes have been completed. Entering the garage at this point starts
Super Party. Super Party is a multi-ball with rules somewhat different from Infield Party. In Super Party Jackpots are scored on short
track shots like in Infield Party, however, the pop bumpers are used to "count down" a number of hits to zero. When those hits are
reached the drop targets light for a Super Jackpot.

The first Super Jackpot is 2,000,000 points the next is 3,000,000 etc:

This cycle repeats until 1 ball is left on the playfield and then the mode ends.


"Champ1" letters are awarded from starting Speed Shots, Hard Racing, Road Course, Victory Lap and are possible from mode
bonus. When Mode Bonus can award a letter The announcer will que with "There's a big payback at the end of this line". The
scanner will light after all CHAMP1 letters have been completed by the player. 4 ball multi-ball. Champ1 sets Pop Bumpers at
Max, Spinners at Max and Lights the Outlanes for either Special or Millions. All 7 jackpot shots are lit including Super Jackpot.
The race position is set to 6th. In this mode hitting the test car will raise it. Entering the garage will move the player up 1 position.
When the player reaches first place the jackpots all reset and Super Jackpot resets. The Super Jackpot value is an incrementing
value. After accomplishing 1st place the race position is reset and the same sequence continues until 1 ball is left on the playfield.
Play then reverts to normal gameplay.