Bitcoin Accepted Here - / BMI Gaming / BMI Worldwide     Payments Via Bitcoin | Special Terms and Conditions

 Special Terms and Conditions apply to payments with Bitcoin :

1)  All Bitcoin payments under normal situations are immediately
     received and converted to USD, then deposited to our account
     by our Bitcoin processor, Coinbase  |  BMI Bitcoin Checkout Page

2)  Due to extreme volatility in current Bitcoin prices and transactional
     risks inherent due to blockchain and other Bitcoin transfer failures,
     BMI Worldwide cannot be held responsible for any losses or delays
     incurred during Bitcoin payment processing and transfer. Coinbase
     will immediately convent your Bitcoins into USD and deposit this
     amount into our bank account. However, If the total amount in USD   
     credited to our account differs more than $100.00 USD, Buyer
     shall be fully responsible for the payment of remaining balance
     before their order  will be approved for processing and shipment.

3)  BMI Worldwide reserves the right to terminate Bitcoin payments at
     any time, for any reason, at our sole discretion, and we may require
     you to provide us with additional personal identifying information.