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MAME Video Arcade Games  /  "Multicade" Video Arcade Machines  |  Information Page      

Beware of purchasing any "Multicade Game" or "MAME: video arcade machines that
come  advertised with having Pac Man, Ms. Pac Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Frogger or
who offer
 200, 300, 500, or in some cases, even 1000-in-1 classic video arcade machines...

We get tons of calls every month
asking why this vendor or that store offers "XYZ" games
in their "Multicade" game units, and why we don't carry the same games - Its very simple :

It  is TOTALLY illegal to do so in most cases (and we abide by the law). Plus vendors
who sell these inferior, consumer-class Multicade machines do not care about quality.

Absolutely NONE of these games can be sold in their true arcade versions, except by
purchasing a standalone unit directly from Namco, the original maker of these games,
who still make these games for both the home and commercial markets. Namco does
not permit anyone to sell or include these games in any commercial-quality machine!
The only way anyone can sell you such games legally is by using a PC CD-ROM disk
in a Windows or Xbox-type setup,
which is far from the real arcade game experience.

Anyone selling these types of units are almost always doing so illegally, by using either old, bootlegged or counterfeit software, and/or hardware boards, usually made in China. Most
of these games are cheaply constructed, have questionable quality control and warranties,
and the fact that the person or firm who are selling them knows they are doing so illegally
should tell you something about the honesty and reputation of that store or individual. We
see lots of these types of illegal games advertised on Craigslist, eBay and other websites

When in doubt about purchasing any advertised multicade game, you can contact us
directly at 1-800-746-2255 and we will be more than happy to advise you if the video
game you are thinking of purchasing might be a counterfeit or illegal bootleg game.

Be aware that no legitimate arcade game dealer, distributor or service center in
the country will work or repair these type of illegal games for a number of reasons.

As far as "MAME" machines go, although these are not illegal when shipped without games,
most "MAME" games need to either be sold illegally by the manufacturer, or the buyer (you)
must spend a great deal of time finding (or buying) illegal "MAME" games online, then needing
to download these bootleg copies into your MAME machine, then having to "set up" the illegal
games with a keyboard and mouse, which is far too complex for the average user. And in the
end, all have is a cheap PC clone knockoff of the real arcade gaming experience - or worse.

None of these so-called illegal "Multicade" machines come anywhere close to matching the AUTHENTIC ARCADE EXPERIENCE afforded by purchasing true commercial-quality video
game machines from the only two fully licensed and legal manufacturers of these games.

Click here for Legal and Authentic Multiplayer Video Arcade Machines For Sale

Click here to learn more about Authentic Pac Man, Ms Pac Man and Galaga Games 

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Why buy your Multicade Video Arcade Machine from ?

We are the innovators and leaders in the arcade gaming industry !


BMIGaming was the first to specialize in offering commercial-grade arcade games to the
home and business  the web on a nationwide basis - And the first to offer national "White
inside arcade game delivery and nationwide on-site service - And the first to offer
free electronics warranties and optional extended game warranties - And the first to offer
free lifetime technical support on all games. And the first in the industry to be certified by
the National Better Business Bureau Online Reliability Program - And the only firm in the history of the coin-op gaming industry to qualify for the prestigious INC. Magazine 500
list of the fastest growing firms in America, and the only firm that actively tracks customer satisfaction levels, with a current 99.5% customer satisfaction approval rating.

("Approval" : Customers who would both highly recommend us to others and who would definitely buy from us again)

At BMIGaming, we truly value each and every customer relationship. Sure, there are plenty
of websites with "cheaper" prices run by a couple of guys from their tiny office or basement
or a handful of "commercial" dealers who try to sell online nationwide, but are not equipped
when it comes to handling customers on a nationwide or global basis - But when it comes
to customer service, customer support, customer satisfaction, game selection and vendor trust, BMI Gaming is the leader in the industry. We offer all of our customers in-depth game information, game manuals, game pictures and game product brochures online, along with
our clearly defined, fair, honest and forthright store policies.

And we are true hard-core game junkies at heart - Most of us here have played just about
every one of our games for hours on end in our retail store and warehouse, which is the world largest, with over 150+ games on our showroom floor.. (ps: It's a great job if you can get one!)

Want know more before you buy? We offer all of our customers tons of information about
our firm
and our products and services our website, but we also love to speak with current
and potential clients as well ! Why not give us a call and decide for yourself why BMIGaming
is recognized by major publications as the leader in arcade gaming entertainment products ?

We are always here to assist you with nationwide on-site service and repair, and our
legendary free lifetime game technical support
to answer questions and solve problems
with any game purchase from BMI Gaming before, during and after the sale - For life !