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Family Entertainment Center  /  Arcade  /  LBE Consultation Services

Planning and Designing A New Arcade Gameroom  Free Design Service For New Commercial Arcades and Family Entertainment Centers / FEC Gameroom  Blueprints For A New Family Entertainment Center / FEC Arcade Gameroom  FEC's / Family Entertainment Centers Designs and Blueprints  Starting A New Family Entertainment Center

Arcade / FEC / Fun Center / LBE Facility Consultation Services  

Planning, designing and building a successful Family Entertainment Center (FEC) , Fun Center, Arcade, Theme Park, Amusement Park or other Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) facility is never
a small undertaking, and one that should never be attempted without obtaining professional advice.

BMI Worldwide's global team of Arcade, Amusement and Entertainment Consultants are ready
to assist you from A to Z, from initial startup questions and basic arcade consultation to site feasibility studies and architectural design services, ranging site planning, theming and design, blueprinting,
site construction and landscaping, to amusement equipment and arcade machine procurement
many other related industry services, in person or via phone or Skype anywhere in the world.

We can provide thoughtful guidance in areas such as initial site selection, exterior and interior
building design, interior space planning, gameroom design, games and attractions selection, prize redemption center planning, marketing direct, web, viral, social) of your new business, plus great
ideas for the successful opening, operation and promotion of your new entertainment business.

Most new or potential FEC / Arcade / LBE facility owners have lots of unanswered questions :

Where should we locate our arcade ?  Do we need a site feasibility study ? How do we plan or theme
our arcade ? Are their local, state or federal laws affecting my project ? Where do we find qualified advise on floorplanning and construction ? Should we target kids, teens, families or a mixture of demographics ? Should we rent or purchase a building ? What should our budget be ? How much space will we need to launch our facility ? How long does the process take? How many games will we need for our facility ?

If you are not ready to take the first step in planning
your Arcade or FEC at this time, and you are
just looking for some general information on starting a new arcade, fun center or family entertainment
center, please read our Commercial Gameroom Planning + Design page for information on the basic requirements for planning a new facility, and Starting A New Arcade page for more related information.

If you have obtained financing and ready to begin planning and building your facility
, our
Arcade Consultancy Service can help guide you in starting and executing your arcade, amusement
or entertainment venue project. We are able to offer our advice in person at your location anywhere
in the world, or via telephone or Skype, on topics such as obtaining initial site feasibility or site selection, design and theming services and equipment selection and procurement, all the way to complete turnkey project management. We also offer other many other related services from our strategic partners that
are designed to help you successfully launch your new facility as economically and quickly as possible.

Please note that due to the dynamic nature of our industry, with product availability  and pricing changing with little
notice we cannot offer formal product cost estimates or quotations more than 90 days in advance of purchase.

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